November 15, 2012



Super shots.


How delightful! Love the flowing patterns these birds create and the last picture is absolutely gorgeous :)

Rambling Woods

Oh Sallie..I love these....


Love the Picassa morph.

Pearl Maple

Great photos, it is an amazing sight to seem them all moving in mass, thanks for sharing


Gorgeous ! Picasa is a very good tool ! Your photo looks like a painting !


Oh, these are spectacular pictures. Thank you, Sallie.


Oh my gosh, I love the one you edited in Picasa! I like all your photos, but I guess it's because our skies are pretty dull right now and the boosted image really pops! Very nice!

Reader Wil

Exquisite shots, Sally! Thanks for sharing!


What a wonderful sight so beautifully photographed.

Laura Hegfield

Oh Sallie these are magnificent photos!!!

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No geese, here ! but yours are so beautiful. Did you read Selma Lagerl's "Wonderful adventures of Nils Holgerson". Seeing your shots I thought immediatly to this wonderful (!) book.


lovely photos, something so beautiful about seeing the geese migrating


Spectacular! Wow! And you took the shots so well,too. That's a gift that only a few can do. Happy weekend!

Lady Fi

Just beautiful!

Stewart M

The geese are great - I miss seeing them!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne




Lovely photos. I don't think I've ever seen that many geese in real life, it's an impressive sight!

missing moments

Gorgeous images! Love that third one!

Dina J

All really pretty!

Red Nomad OZ

Haha! Here I was getting excited about a few red-necked stints on the Southern OZ shores ...


I love these shots, Sallie. They are perfect for framing.

Colin Huggins

Must be great to see these migratory geese. I should imagine
that they are pretty noisy also???
Colin (Brisbane.Australia)
Weather report: Great here, rain hopefully on the weekend!


Hi sallie, cool captures of the migrating geese. Your skies are looking pretty. I love the first shot! Happy Skywatching!


loved these - subtle is good, too!


I woudn't be able to stop shooting the birds.

Gail Dixon

Beautiful shots of these birds, no matter where they're going. Love that edited shot. Wow-wee!


I just love these Sallie! They are all terrific captures, but the first one is just such a calm scene, and the layers of soft colour are superb.


Like if the first image wasn't good enough, love what piccasa did. Is that lomo-ish? Gorgeous pastel sky for geese to fly through.


Wow, the sky is so beautiful in each of these shots and great seeing the migratory birds.


Fantastic shots. They do form wonderful formations.

Sylvia Kirkwood

We've clear blue skies, no wind, and mild temps -- November???? Ah, but I'll take what I can get!! Great shots for the day and isn't it fun to be able to create our own beautiful skies!!! Have a great weekend!!

Joe Todd

Well done... Sunshine in Ohio today but chilly not like Fort Myers LOL.. Linda got really seasick riding the KeyWest express to Key West..


Wow Sallie!
That second shot is magical for me! Wonderful capture!




Lovely photography-and migrating is surely at the front of your mind now!

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