November 07, 2012


Sandy Carlson (USA)

I admire the spirit!

Rambling Woods

We are really getting much better at recycling in our town, but not everyone uses the tote provided for it along with a garbage tote...


I don't quite get the "go ducks', but I like his initiative.


there are many people who cannot be bothered to stand in line to return their empties. so why shouldn't he help out!

Gail Dixon

I was quite impressed on my visit to Portland at their efforts to reduce waste and recycle. Even the bathroom at the airport had #1 and #2 flushers. And when I went to buy bottled water, there was a surcharge on the plastic until it was returned. More cities need to get on the ball.


Oh, this is a fun way to get those recyclable... a very fine idea. I like it Sallie.


I do not understand why these "idiots" would leave bottles and cans anywhere. Save the Earth.

Thanks Sallie for your encouragement, I try to share my travel photos, I try at least to post one a day. Though I go out every weekend for photoshoots with my buddies.


Helps the environment and makes a little money on the side. And he can't help but advertise his favorite team, too!

What a great idea!

Luna Miranda

Recycling is a necessity these days. There are bottle and plastic collectors in our village, too. But this environment-friendly ride is the best.:p


Recycling is so important. I love the bike with it's recycle trailer.


Recycling is a good thing, he is doing a great thing by helping to clean up the litter too. Have a great day, Sallie!


There are bottle collectors in my area. None of them have snazzy mode of transportation like this.

Colin Huggins

Interesting comments on "Mr. Bike Man" ,who is simply doing what is not necessary. People have a responsibility. Put garbage in the allocated bins when out in the streets.
If no bins are there, take your junk stuff home and place it in your rubbish bins. Simple stuff to do. So why don't people have more respect for the town/city civic pride and the environment???
I applaud Mr."Bike man" but having this enterprisal vision, I think with his intelligence he could be better employed. Still we live in hope, eh?


That's a very interesting bike and a great way of contributing to some community service while also pocketing a bit of cash at the same time. Such recycling laws and bicycling guys, both deserve kudos... together they keep a city clean.

Gemma Wiseman

Recycling is available for all households here on my peninsula! recycles are collected fortnightly by council and other domestic garbage is collected weekly! We get no deposit returns on cans, but I think that South Australia gets a return on bottles.


an entrepreneur with a great service.


A good way to make a few bucks and reduce litter.


The city picks up our recycling things each week and we return beer & wine bottles to the Beer Store and get a refund on our deposit! Times have changed.

Lavender Dreams

He's doing a good job! My hubby took our recycles off today...but in the car! lol Enjoy your week!

Photo Cache

I'm all for recycling and reusing.

mrsbearfoot (Lindy)

What a good guy! We were always taught to "leave some place better than we found it." I think he was taught the same philosophy. I remember returning soda pop bottles to the grocery store when we were kids. That all disappeared (here) when the aluminum cans became popular. Only recently have we started seeing glass soda pop bottles again. Yet, there is no return policy here in our state. :-(

Colin Huggins

A very interesting bill indeed. I hope the good people of Oregon are more ltter conscious than the "idiots" here.
They can stand right next to a rubbish bin in the City Malls etc. and still throw their junk onto the footpaths.
I might add that in the country towns, people are more litter conscious and do the right thing. If someone can explain that difference, I would love to know.
Great blog report, Sallie.
Colin (Brisbane. Australia)

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