November 06, 2012



It makes for interesting scenery and birdlife. I know you said but I forget why the lake is drained in winter.

Rambling Woods

I love the look of the stumps with the birds in the water for some reason...thank you for linking into Nature Notes Sallie...Michelle


Calling by from the Nature Footsteps Water Meme today Sallie, it is a sad situation, great photos though.

Lady Fi

Gorgeous pictures! And I love the one of the heron eating in your post below.


I assume this isn't a permanent change but it's certainly an interesting one. Great shots you took.


I´m glad they try to maitain the natural rythm of nature. It is a good thing. :)


A nice reminder that the one constant in Nature is - change. Usually, there is a rhythm to the change and if can tune in to it, we're much happier!

Colin Huggins

Very interesting - the last photo is intriguing.
Tree stumps or in some cases looks like old fence post???
Seems strange that the water recedes in the winter, here water recedes in the hot summer months, unless we have torrential rain like 2010/2011.
Can this area be "googled" to find out more???
Colin (Brisbane.Australia)


That is incredible what a difference it is. I can see how that would be a good place for bird watching.


Intriguing 2nd pic...the water must be higher a few months ago? It sounds like it's not too long before you leave for winter and are saying "goodbye" to the area:):)


Those photos show such an interesting change in the lake levels. I hope you can get some photos if/when it becomes a grassy meadow.


What a change! But, the birds are still visiting.


Wow, that's quite a change. Great shots, love the birds!


It will be a very muddy meadow...
The egrets and herons are likely happy about the lower water levels - means the fish are more concentrated, so easier feeding.
And the other birds are safer from dogs, too. Who can run in the mud?


Such a drastic difference.


i bet the birds are finding all sorts of snails, clams, frogs, turtles, etc. to munch on now.


The only thing won't change is change itself.

Gail Dixon

Yikes! What a difference. I love the s-curve of the water in the first shot.


Wow, the lake is really low. On the bright side the receding lake and mud will attract the birds. Have a lovely day, Sallie!


Awesome! Such a tranquil place for the birds and for both of you. :)


That draining made for some wonderful muddy bird habitat Sallie.


I remember your post, these stumps out of the water look so strange ! Can imagine that it is a nice parking for birds !


The same thing happens to many of our lakes in the searing summer.

Sandy Carlson (USA)

How the landscape changes! Wow. Beautiful shots.

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