November 13, 2012


Rambling Woods

I love jays of all kinds..so smart and big personalities..


They never visit my yard, they keep to the oak woodland about 1/4 mile away.

Stewart M

Great yard birds - I've never seen one of these birds.

The hoopoe was a bit of a turning point - my bags turned up a few hours later, the conference went well and nobody asked me any questions I could not answer in after my presentation!

Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW - Stewart M - Australia

Strawberry Lane

Fascinating. Love the photos!

Gail Dixon

I saw my first scrub jay in Portland last year. They are so very blue and yes, very bossy birds. Love these shots!


Handsome bird! Similar behavior as the Blue Jay.

Mary Howell Cromer

Oh neat! I got to see these for the first time in September!!!

Red Nomad OZ

OK, they're not RED, but BLUE is edging closer as my favourite!!!!


Great photos of this bird, another new one for me :)


Very nice images of the jays! Hope to see their Florida cousins later this week. --Wally


this is one of my daughter's favorite, she can always tell it's a jay in which case I don't know my birds... glad she's around to identify them for me. :D


I like those, but I have never seen one IRL! Nice shots!
These are not living in Sweden.
Greetings Pia

Rainfield (雨田)

The birds thought this is their day.

Which in fact isn't.

Dina J

How funny is that? You get to see them all of the time up there. I still have seen one yet here in Florida. Nice catch!


Beautiful shots..:-)

I'd Rather B Birdin [anni]

Lucky you to have such a gorgeous bird so close by!!!

Hope you can find a bit of time today to stop by and visit to view my collection of feathered friends this week!!


Beautiful captures of these Scrub Jays, Sallie. They are so hard to find around here and I had no idea they were such big bullies.


A lot like regular blue jays. They are aggressive, but I find them pretty. :)


They are a beautiful blue even if they are a bit mean.


More "summery" photos and tales to see me through the Winter. (I've just bought 3 bags of rock salt for my drive if it snows).


What a pretty little blue bird ! I have never seen one like this here in my world !


They are rather raucous and obnoxious around here too, but the little birds don't seem to care.


What a lovely bird! We don't have those here.


Great photos - they sound like fun birds to watch. You are fortunate to have a whole different set of birds to watch in your different places.

Lady Fi

What pretty jays!


I like those Scrubs!
The Blue Jays seem to have a bad rep. I really enjoy watching mine. Oh, they do just as you say and try to dominate the feeders. They are such a beautiful bird I try to forgive them their ways. This fall I've seen a greater number than I ever have. There's about ten or so visiting the yard at the moment.
Love the second shot Sallie!

Colin Huggins

Interesting bird - "a scrub Jay"!!! We have Blue-jays here, quite plentiful - about the size of a common homing pigeon.
Nowhere near the size of a crow. Ours seem harmless towards other birds. At least they can take on the "wretched Indian Mynahs" - so I really like them.
Colin (Brisbane. Australia)
Weather report: Beautiful sunny Spring day, but maybe a storm tonight. Rain in modertion is still needed.


big blue bully! handsome, though!

Lavender Dreams

I've never seen that kind of blue jay here but we are starting to get some migratory birds pass through here this month! You'll be back soon, won't you? Hugs!

Jenn Jilks

I've never seen one! WOW.


I enjoyed these shots of the scrub jays. You captured their personalities well.

Mama Zen

What a gorgeous blue!


I got to see some of the Oregon Scrub Jays, they are neat to watch. Great shots, Sallie!

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