November 02, 2012


Sandy Carlson (USA)

That's a beautiful image, and it's great knowing you shared it with the cute little furry dude!


Aha, that's a great haul for the squirrels! Don;t worry, I do not well on tablescapes.


I know my little furry squirrels are taking all the walnuts they can find.
I love when they stand up like that and look around before scurrying off.
Your collection is/was lovely - lots of different color and texture.


I always find them so difficult to photography as they are so quick...


Squirrels are so cute ! Here in France they are mostly reddish- brown (?) and we have too a lot of black one coming from ...Amercica.
Last month one of them ( a red one) come to my door and knock on it. I was so surprised and he was too when he saw me.

Jenn Jilks

SSSSSssssssooooooo cute!


The best place for such a fruitful tablescape is right where you placed it Saliel I'm sure the little fellow enjoyed it.

Reader Wil

Hi Sally! A polder is a piece of low-lying land that has been reclaimed and protected by dikes. This is typically Dutch .


I like the nut and leaves photo. It's an excellent but different way of expressing fall. I wish I had thought of it.


Such a fun post Sallie! Can imagine there's no place for a table scape:) The squirrel doesn't know you're supposed to have one (wink). Have a great Sunday!


Cute. he gets a free meal. :)

Lady Fi

You both like nuts! Lovely shots.

Jidhu Jose

nice pics

Buffaloes in Canal


Your temporary tablescape is so colorful and lovely. I'm sure your furry friend enjoyed every bite!


I found recently that wild turkeys also like acorns. They have been happily scarfing them up in the oak woodlands where we walk. (I wonder if the bobcat is scarfing up the turkeys?)

Rambling Woods

This little guy needs to put on some fat for the winter so I am sure he or she appreciates it very much... Sallie.. any comment is appreciated.. really.. I know how you feel and I appreciate it very much...Michelle


Fun photos, it is certainly the time of year for that squirrel to get busy!


Now you're working for the squirrels, Sallie. The fall bounty you collected was pretty.


Hello stranger! I love your little squirrel. Hope everyone is okay. sandie


He must have loved that haul of goodies. Great photo!


that's a handsome squirrel....


Thanks for your comments. I love the acorns.


Hi! My photo of the Cathedral was taken this week (Wednesday -10) We do have snow at the moment, but most of it has gone...But winther is comming soon...


Squirrels are fascinating to watch-so intelligent too! But they do dig up my lawn...

Gail Dixon

Ha! I like that philosophy. The little squirrel will definitely get more use out of it than if it was sitting on a table. :)


I have been collecting autumn's treasures for a while now, and I should see about creating a still life soon...
Thanks for your comments about the walking sentinels! I love the idea of a whirlpool!! Unfortunately for me, when we are driving, I am not allowed to zone out, as husband has never learned to drive and I am behind the wheel.

Shannon W

It looks like he is watching for you to give all that stuff to him :)


He's so cute, bet he enjoyed your tablescape!


I know the squirrel appreciated your returning the fall food. I love the pose he struck for you.


The squirrel is giving good pose.


What lovely photo's Sally, that squirrel looks so nice.


I collect acorns at a nearby cemetery and feed my yard buddies too......nice arrangement...


sharing the bounty. :) he's a cutie.

Hootin' Anni

He looks soooo furrr-ocious! [kidding] I bet he really enjoyed his booty that you shared with him.


Cute shot! I like your tablescape, even if you didn't keep it. The squirrel must have been happy with the additional food. Have a great weekend!

Mary Pellerito

Lovely colors and textures. I don't think the squirrel appreciated your still life for that reason though. : )

Rainfield (雨田)

I have only weekends to watch wildlife.

I love to do so.

Reader Wil

The squirrels overhere are reddish brown. They are not seen in the polders where I live. They live in the forrest in de middle of the country near the German border.


I think I might be a little frustrated at not having any room for pretty 'tablescapes'!

Colin Huggins

Squirrels are sure cute to look at. Not too sure if gardeners would agree???
They must be highly intelligent also to prepare so well for the winter season. Great photo.
Colin (Brisbane.Australia)

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