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November 05, 2012


Rambling Woods

It is amazing..only rarely do they choke...

mrsbearfoot (Lindy)

Sallie, these are absolutely amazing images and reflections! You were at the right place at the right time. ;-)


Wonderful early morning capture!

Modesto Viegas

Great shots!!!

Sally in WA

Daggone! That is one hefty fish. Great light in the photo too.


these shots are so beautiful
the light is amazing
and the reflections too

and of course the heron is magnificent!!

hugs from me and Hope
thanks for checking in on us


Wow, I am so jealous of these shots. I've never managed to get a shot of the herons at the lakes where I walk with a fish in their mouth. You did a great job with these magical shots.


Your photography is amazing ~ Wow! ~ (A Creative Harbor)


Oh, my goodness!!! These are very unique pictures! He even has a fish in his mouth!!! What a priceless moment! I love it very much.

Great photography and very interesting and fascinating moments!!!

I am very impressed. And inspired.


Very nice series! I'm jealous of the heron - would love to have a fish that size for breakfast! - Wally


OH my.... how in the world did he down that? What an amazing sight!
(looks like we had the same idea this week for our bird :)


A great series of photos. That's a very large fish for the heron to swallow!


Lovely photos, well captured.

Gail Dixon

Wow, what a great photo opp! That fish is huge. He will not have to hunt for a while.


Stunning detail-what a lovely surprise!


I love the light on the water in these shots! Wonderful capture of the heron too!


Hahaha... pity for the fish, lucky for the heron! nice story here Sallie.


Wow, what an amazing sight to capture. You really do have a great view!


How I wish to have Nature just outside my house! Beautiful pictures.


A great series of shots, and a smart heron!


A quick trip through blogland, and here is this gorgeous heron having his breakfast, and how clever you are to have captured such great pictures, Sallie. Thanks so much for your comments aand thoughts. Life is a roller coaster these days, - always a srprise as we head to the hospital, but lovely and hopeful when it is a more lucid day!


he is one happy heron! great job!


Hi Sallie, what a cool sight to watch. What an awful big fish. Great series!


Love the quick silhouette through the window!
The early bird gets the fish. :)
Great followup shots too.

Pam :)

That fish was a huge mouthful. Beautiful captures, Sallie, well done!


It learns.

patty hartley

What a sight, I'd be fulfilled for the rest of the day if it were my sighting!


Wow indeed. That's some breakfast Sallie. Hey the problem with wrens is they wriggle about a lot in the nets and can get themselves ina mess until we intervene.


Wow ! what a view in the morning ! that must make your day !


Sure is a yummy breakfast! Good catch for the day!

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