December 07, 2012



These are great shots with the reflections of the birds. I'm loving them! Merry Christmas to you and yours.


Wow, what great reflections! The water is like a mirror. Aren't you glad you were still there to witness the rebirth of the lake?

Pia, Sweden

Hi Sallie!
Lovely birds your shared her and I so envy your all the white egrets! Maybe I've said it before, but I have only seen one (!) egret in my life - ever!
So you move to warmer climate during Winter, what a splendid idea! :) Today we got even more snow and both me and my husband was out shoveling. When we almost were finished, it started to rain!
Greetings Pia


Welcome back to the Sunshine State!
The reflections are really nice images. Thank you for sharing them.

ken schneider

Delightful photos! And interestingly, our South Florida water levels are mirror images, our lake having fallen about 1 1/2 feet in the past 4-6 weeks.

Boom & Gary

Love the reflections Sallie. Stay warm. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Stewart M

Wonderful reflections!

Thanks for the multiple comments!

cheers and thanks for linking to WBW.

Stewart M - Melbourne

Carole M.

I love the egrets too and lovely reflections

Lavender Dreams

Beautiful photos! I'm glad you're back in Florida! It sure has been a wonderful season so far! Gorgeous weather! Happy holidays!


The upside-down photo is great -- beautifully captured and a little disturbing when you look at it for a while. Lovely reflections!


Beautiful photos!

Pia, Sweden

Lovely photos and so nice birds, the egrets!
It's a long way from my snowy Sweden right now!
Greetings Pia


Oh wow - those egret shots are stunning!


It is special in those wet times to see the different birds that come by. Valerie

Jill Harrison

love the first image with the reflection - it really tricks the eyes!
Have a wonderful week. I am linking up to you through Mosaic Monday.


I guess you are glad to be in warmer climes. I love seeing the herons... and especially in double! Great reflections. :)

laura k

wOw!! awesome reflection in that first shot!! LOVE it!!

Laura Hegfield

Oh Sallie, these are gorgeous!!!! Thank you for your wonderfully kind comments at my blog. I'm so happy you are enjoying the Gratitude Quilt again and again.


Great photos with gorgeous reflections!
Hope you're having a great time in Florida.
Wish you a wonderful week.


Oh I am glad that the lake is doing better so the birds can enjoy it again. It must have been tough on them as well as all those who wanted to see water in the lake! Beautiful mosaic...a joy to see all those birds.

Hootin' Anni

My goodness...what incredible birds you've shared. If you wish, I have a Birding Photo Meme for Sunday ---it's called The Bird D'Pot and it's each week. This would be a super addition to the links already there for the day. http://id-rather-b-birdin.blogspot.com

Have a glorious day, I know for sure your images made my morning start off right.


superbe !


A shame having to leave all those birds behind, not to mention the amazing reflections in the landscape. Guess you will just have to make the best of all that sun and warmth for now.


Wow! fantastic reflections there.

Sandy Carlson (USA)

These are just downright amazing images.

Red Nomad OZ

MAgnificent shots! Especially the first ... it really sucked me in as I tried to work out which way was up! You're not trying to make it a 'downunder' photo, are you?!?!

Rambling Woods

Beautiful photos...glad you got there safely...Michelle

Mama Zen

Fabulous shots!


Stunny! That first picture reminds me of an impressionistic painting.

Sally in WA

Terrific reflective shots, Sallie.

Rainfield (雨田)

It seems like the birds enjoy more than us.


Great photos with wonderful reflections!


Beautiful photos...bird watching twice!

Reader Wil

Great idea to show the world upside down sometimes, as long as we don't forget what the real world looks like! Thanks for your visit and wishes on my flight to Australia!


Lovely compositions, like you it was such a relief to see our lake filling up again after such a long dry period.


LOVELY Sallie! The first one is my favorite. I like that Instagram look it has. :)

Missing moments

Great mirror images!


It sure did rain buckets for awhile. Here in Northern California we finally saw sun today.


Those photos of the birds and the reflections are beautiful. It is such a contrast between the dry lake and the ones with water.


Great birds and awesome reflections. Gorgeous captures, Sallie! Have a wonderful weekend!

Valerie, Australia

Gorgeous images and reflections - thanks for sharing.


I'm so glad you posted these. You captured the water birds so well and wonderful reflections.


Wonderful reflections. Glad some water returned for the birds, you and us.


The first reflection upside down is really tricky ; nice idea of presentation... All your pictures are very beautiful ; it is a pleasure to discover them.


these shots are amazing
they're poetic


love it! so clear!

Colin Huggins

Interesting photographs of your Oregon lake.
With the heatwave here of the last week, now thankfully
somewhat cooler, I would have only been too happy to join the birds in the water!
Colin (Brisbane.Australia)


What a beautiful mirror image.. its hard to tell which way is up.
Great shots, Sallie.

Hope you are finished unpacking and back to the business of boating and photography.

Clair Z.

Absolutely beautiful, Sallie. What wonderful experiences you do have.

Emille Jesh St G

Great reflections of these birds, Sallie! Have a great weekend, Friend:)


Fantastic reflections, Sallie! Love your birds! Hope you have a beautiful weekend! Enjoy!!


Gorgeous photos, - a perfect post for Weekend reflections!

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