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December 31, 2012



o. that is a gorgeous photo of the eagle. :)


Happy New year to you, Sallie ! Thanks fot the video-cam. The Eagle is now a star too in South-France..

Gemma Wiseman

Such a grand master of the skies! He looks powerful and knows it! Great photo!

Mama Zen

So beautiful!

Happy New Year!


Fantastic shot of the beautiful eagle!
Happy New Year, Sallie.


HOW fun....I would ejoying watching the comings n goings of the parents..

Red Nomad OZ

Such an imposing bird!! Our Wedge-tailed eagle isn't quite so big (I don't think) but they're HUGE close up - so I can only imagine what yours is like!!

Happy New Year!!!


Great shot of the eagle. The web cam is good too. I just realised that it is night time there but I could still see the eagle resting in its nest. Happy new Year.


How fabulous to have ringside seats to the Eagle nursery! I came by to say Happy 2013 Sallie. Just watched the fireworks on the mountain at Breck from my great room. Can I go to bed now?


This is really spectacular!


Hi Sallie, very cool to be able to be close and watch the progress of the Eagle's nest. Great shot! I wish you and yours a very Happy New year!

Dina J

Beautiful shot! I've been following the cam for a while now. Can't wait till they hatch. It's got to be great to be right there. Keep us posted.

laura k

wow!! so majestic...and an awesome sight to see!!
have a very happy NEW YEAR!! =)


Great shot of the eagle. Such a majestic bird. We see them often around here, perched high in the trees looking down at us all.
Happy New Year.


Great shot!!

Pam :)

Fantastic shot of the Eagle. Thanks for the link, Sallie. I intend to watch the Eagle cam everyday. I too hope to see them hatch.

Happy New Year :)


Great shot of the bald eagle and the previous blog, snow on the beach - ha ha! Certainly is very white coloured sand, I had to have a good couple of looks!
I turned on the video thing to watch, but couldn't control the sound, it almost took the roof off, so it was turned off pronto, before irate neighbours came a-knocking!
Now 2013 here, I heard the Brisbane fireworks from the riverside and watched on TV this morning the spectacle that Sydney puts on from the bridge etc. 1.5 million crowded the foreshores, I bit of a nightmare getting home, eh?
Have a great and healthy 2013.

Gail Dixon

Oh, I'd love to get a bald eagle shot. This is splendid. I'll check out the cam - sounds intriguing!


local celebrities! :)


Fantastic shots of the bald eagle.


What an awesome bird! I hope you and your loved ones have a very Happy New Year.

Joe Todd

Pretty neat.. May you have the best New Year...

Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin

Absolutely inspirational. So lovely and regal.
Thanks for linking up this week at the Bird D'Pot. A marvelous contribution.

Have a super holiday. Stay safe.


Lucky folks, having such wonderful birds as neighbours almost. Nice photograph you took Sallie.


A beautiful picture of a magnificent eagle! Happy New Year!!!


How lovely! Happy New Year!!

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