December 06, 2012


Joe Todd

Love those warm skies.Cold here in Ohio


All your photos are incredibly beautiful... but... ooooh that big full moon!!!
I'm a sucker for full moons... :)

Regards from Barcelona.

Rambling Woods

what color..made me smile..thank you..


Lovely morning skies.


I'm not so sure about the "sunshine". Every time we were in Florida we got rained on. At least it is a warm rain, unlike Oregon. Enjoy your season in the "sun".

Sally in WA

It's been cold in Minnesota and now it is snowing at home in WA. Think I'll take some of your Florida sunshine please. Glad you are safely back to your winter home.

Maurizio Riccio

Nice views of Florida. Yes, I enjoy each and everyday I wake up here.


Fantastic shots! Happy sky watching.

Blue and White

Mickie Brown

Beautiful shots, morning and evening. You sure make Florida look inviting though we have been having wonderful weather (in the 60's and 70's) here in Kansas. It is getting ready to turn colder this weekend. Always good to be back home, isn't it! Mickie :)

Rainfield (雨田)

You are back.

And with a good present of many beautiful pictures.

Dina J

Welcome back! It's hot here. 80 degrees. I think I like the screen porch group the best. Very different.

Hootin' Anni

Absolutely gorgeous...everywhere. I especially liked the palm trees through the screen.


Lands of colour and texture contrasts there Sallie. I'm sure your are in the best pace for a while now with all that warmth and sunshine.


Wow, gorgeous set of pictures! I think I will take those sunshine views from the sunshine land, being more of a morning person! Welcome back, Sallie :)

Stewart M

Welcome back!

Nice set of pictures - I think I may try some of these mosaics this summer.

Stewart M - Melbourne

Jidhu Jose

beautiful pictures

happy SWF


Oh wow - what fabulous skies. Love those palm trees seen through the mosquito netting.

Here we're shivering in snow and cold! (It's quite fun really.)

missing moments

Love those moon shots! Have a great weekend!


Lovely skies. I'll be in your state soon, but I doubt you're getting more sunshine than we've seen!


SO far its been a very mild Fall and IM sure it will be beautiful down there! Love those photos!!!


Hi Sallie, welcome back to Florida! I love your moon shots. Gorgeous skies and photos. Have a great weekend!


You sure get some gorgeous skies there in FL.


I've got to say that all those skies look inviting to me. Glad you're safely back in FL. Enjoy your Dec!


Welcome Back Sallie!
I can almost 'feel' the difference in temperature looking at these. :)
So glad to know you are safely back on the East Coast.
These are beautiful shots!
I'm looking forward to seeing the sights you captured on your way back. I KNOW you have lots to share. :)


A wonderful series of sky photos.

J Bar

Great sky shots.
Sydney - City and Suburbs


I like the contrast between the two set of pictures. There are advantages in both places shown, which is probably why you spend time in each place. In two weeks we are heading for that top rainy state. Fortunately for us, there are some very sunny people up there we love to be with.


Nice photos, perfect for SkyWatch!

Sylvia Kirkwood

Really breathtaking captures, Sallie! Incredible skies and colors!! Enjoy your weekend!!

Reader Wil

Brava Sallie! Your pictures are heavenly!


'Your' Florida is so very beautiful. I love all your photos.


Gorgeous but then you already know my passion for skies.


Oh fantastic views Sallie! Florida skies are lovely, but I am a winter person, so Oregon skies really appeal to me. I am glad you travelled safely to your destination. Enjoy the sunshine!


so pretty! both views from opposite ends of the country!


Welcome back, the photos are lovely. The blue skies in Florida are hard to imagine just now! Thank you for sharing.According to an Oregon flickerite, the storms are in full force there.


So glad you two arrived safely at your canal cottage, Sallie! As for unpacking.. good luck with that ;~) easy does it!

You have the best of both worlds.


Wonderful shots from Oregon and Florida. I'm glad you made it back safely to your winter home.


And it is good to see you back posting all your beautiful pictures, Sallie.


I think I like the Florida views better!

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