January 31, 2013



Yes, there's a two way here... I like that idea Sallie.


Both are beautiful ! Here usually the sky is bright blue and at night very dark, so we can see stars and stars above our heads... Splendid and mysterious !

Laura Hegfield

beautiful both ways:-)

Rambling Woods

Oh blue skies..I haven't seen many lately...


such beautiful reflection photo you show us here. And I love that blue sky
Have a nice weekend


A nice combination to include the two memes and beautiful photos! Have a great weekend!


I was happy to see some blue sky and fluffy clouds here this morning for just a bit.
In that first shot you have a few mackerel clouds - the ones that look like fish scales.
I like thinking you could 'dive in' to another world there in the last shot. Those green leaves do appear to be floating. Green stars above a magical place...... :)


Tres reussi,j aime bcp !

Joe Todd

Love the sky and reflections.. I've been a little lazy and haven't posted lately..LOL..Have a great weekend

Emille/Jesh StG

Wow, such a great capture, Sallie! I love the world seen like that:) The green leaves floating on top make it even more interesting. You know about "Green Day"? It's www.raindropsanddaisys.blogspot.ca if you like to add your link today.
Have a great sunny weekend!


I read southwest Florida, and I'm all warm up ; here in France, winter is cold and rainy... T_T So thanks for this sharing, it feels like a promess of better sunny days !


Both photos are excellent! The sky looks so big and the reflection is top notch.


I see some Mackerel clouds! Your January days are so much nicer than ours!


Splendid shots!! Photos speak more eloquently than words!! I love the second photo especially. It appears that there is another beautiful world under water.
Have a great week.


Wow! I love the reflection capture and the green stars twinkling in it. What a beautiful perspective! And I enjoyed watching your clouds too since I love them and we are having all clear these days.

Stewart M

I know what type of clouds they are - nice ones!

Stewart M - Melbourne.

PS: we have a very dry Jan - so, the grey clouds we have had over the last 24 hours have been welcome.

Peter B

Beautiful sky. I keep telling myself I'm going to learn the different cloud types... but don't hold your breath!

Luna Miranda

terrific sky shot. i like the cloud formations. your 2nd photo is gorgeous!


What a coincidence, this afternoon I was just researching the names of clouds. I think this might be cirrocumulus?

I took some shots of ray light clouds, and could not even get the correct spelling, crepuscular clouds.

The clouds really add the nice reflections on the water!

Glad to be back once in a while blogging. See you around.


I love these little clouds, they make me think of a herd of sheep !

Amit Agarwal

Wonderful captures!


Very beautiful photos for SWF,Sallie!
Thank you for sharing and have a nice weekend!


Oh, lovely clouds! I don't know all of them, but I do see some Mackerels! January in Florida looks so much better than January in Ontario!


How utterly lovely!

lina@womens perspectives

Beautiful clouds and reflection.


Those are beautiful pictures. The reflection is too good!


Wonderful shots. The cloud formulation is very nice.


The sky is gorgeous and I also like your reflection shot.


I love that reflection. And your winter days sound like our summer days (yes, it is warm here in the summer, with just the pattern you describe).


Both are amazing images. The water reflection is super cool with the floating green "stars" and the cloud cover so dramatic. Two stellar photos!

Joyce M

Fantastic reflections! I love the blue skies of Florida in the afternoon too. Aren't they amazing?
JM Illinois


Beautiful clouds and reflections!


oh the beautiful skyscapes of florida, a sight to behold.


I love clouds, its cool to watch them move....


green stars in the reflected sky! What an intriguing idea!!!
I love both visions of the clouds!


Great shot--both of them!

NatureFootstep Photo

lol, I love this kind of reflection shots. Yours is gorgeous. :)


Oh, yes! I do love your blue skies, Sallie!! And such a great variety of clouds! They do make the sky look BIG indeed! Enjoy your weekend!!

Cecilia Artista

Beautiful skypictures!


Sallie, love your beautiful blue sky, the sky looks so BIG! And the reflection shot is gorgeous! Lovely captures. Have a happy weekend!


I'm loving your photos, Sallie! I'll bask in your blue skies - mine are gray today.


The clouds are beautiful, but that second picture is awesome. What a scene. I cannot stop looking at it. Superb shot. genie

Colin Huggins

Clouds! Well as far as I can distinguish, the fibrous wispy ones are cirrus. These are way way up. The fluffy big white ones, which turn dark are the Cumulus ones, they have the rain. Well that is what I was taught by my grandparents and in geography lessons. Maybe some other viewer is more up to date? Google on wikipedia, and that gives you a very scientific analysis.
That could be rain falling in the far bottom right hand corner.
Just drizzle stuff here today, at least it has knocked the humidity on the head.
Colin (Brisbane. Australia)


i'm LOVING the 2nd shot! great way to show us the views!


Not sure what those clouds are called other than gorgeous.


The reflections are lovely-I do like photographing clouds and the sky! It must be nice to be warm outside!!!!

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