January 07, 2013


Rambling Woods

It looks wonderful and no coat or boots sounds wonderful


uhhhmmmm.... sooooo jealous of this experience Sallie! :D


Love those vivid tropical colors - and the fish salad. (and the wine) Yum!

Pia, Sweden

Hi Sallie!
Thanks for asking, I'm fine but the weather is so boring right now! Love to go with sandals in January! :) Nice food you were eating and nice pictures too!
Greetings Pia

Rainfield (雨田)

"Fine" and big dining.


Oh - delicious and colourful!


Casual dress, local food sounds like a holiday! We are in much the same conditions!

Stewart M - Melbourne


Well really, Sallie - a delicious post, but one that makes me terribly envious. I am hardly allowed out of the house in case I slip and fall on the icy streets and paths - housebound by weather and mothering children.....


Yummy! What a good way to start the New Year off, health eating!


It looks delicious and sounds like a fun place to visit. I read your past posts. It sounds a lot like Queensland in Florida, We have a "super-casual-lifestyle" too.
In reply to your comment:
It isn't easy getting TOH out of his chair to walk. I'm lucky to succeed once a week.


That's look delightfully warm.


Now you've made me hungry, but I've already had dinner! We went out for a delicious Korean dinner on Saturday but I didn't get any photos of it.


That looks quiet a inviting place.

Lavender Dreams

Oh, you're having fun now! Grouper...my FAVORITE fish! Enjoy this fabulous weather! Hugs!


The food and ambience are wonderfully appealing!
Even more is the thought of cutoffs and sandals!!! :)

Hope your New Year is off to a wonderful start!


the bread and dipping oil... yum! :)

Emille/Jesh StG

Sitting in one of my warmer sweaters behind the computer. Can't believe you're dining in shorts and sandals! You made a great choice to be in FL in the winter:)The food looks so yummy!

Sally in WA

Oh sure...rub it in...shorts and sandals, while I am bundled up with boots, long johns, gloves, hat, scarf and heavy winter jacket. The food looks good!

Gail Dixon

Sallie, that salad looks so delicious and fresh. The fish, however, I hope are not too close to your table. It's the eyes! Seriously, tho, glad someone is enjoying warmer temps than me.


cool. It looks delicious. :)


Ow wow, you are rubbing it in. I am wearing so many clothes both outside and inside. Your salad looks delicious. I will be down that way in April and we will be on the lookout for good places to eat.


Lucky, lucky you! It fits me too, but not here and now.



Ok...now I am hungry!

Gemma Wiseman

O wow! A taste of the islands for us to drool on! Sounds and looks heavenly!


That food looks very appetising.


Andy's Island Seafood restaurant looks interesting.
I looked it up, thanks for the link etc.
The choice of dishes is VERY good. What on earth is "flipflop" as shown on the table???
"Flipflops" here is a slang word for thongs or slip on sandals, ha ha.
I would be removing all that "green leafy rabbit food" to the side - ha ha. I think restauranteurs now seem to think that the more of these green leaves, the bigger the dish/meal looks???
Colin (Brisbane. Australia)

Boom & Gary

Gee that looks good!! We're having poached salmon to night, and the wine is from Ontario, but none for Boomer. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


Hi Sallie! No sandals here, but shorts and a t-shirt almost always. People say I'm warm blooded and they are probably right. When it really gets cold, I put on a long sleeved t-shirt. Happy New Year to you. I'll be back to catch up later.


Cutoffs and sandals - a little bit different clothes than we have here now :)
And also food look so summer like.
Happy 2013 to you and yours!


Oh, YUMMMMMMM!! Yes, me, too!! I'm hungry for a grouper salad and fries, too!! I should have eaten before visiting your post!! Terrific, delicious looking food and great shots for the day!! Enjoy your week, Sallie!!

pam :)

Thanks, Sallie.. now I'm hungry for a grouper salad with a side of French fries.

Anne Dryman

You are killing me with these posts ... GROUPER salad! How wonderful is that. I sure hope you enjoyed it. Next time have an extra bite for me. No Grouper west of the Mississippi.

I'm happy for you both.


The food looks delicious and the first shot is fun and colorful.

Martha Z

You almost make me envious but I'm happiest when I can see mountains.


Yummy! I love the detail and amusing shots!
Here, in UK Midlands, it is cold and damp-and the central heating is full on!! I went to the Gym this morning, whilst my car was being serviced, and played Bridge this afternoon.

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