January 15, 2013



Wonderful images of these magnificent birds! Great link! Hope your New Year is going well!



Nice post - these web-cams are great things. I love seeing eagles.

Thanks for the link to WBW.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne.

PS: sorry for slow reply - I been out of internet range in Tasmania!

Michelle Banks

I have to go check this out..

Larry Jordan

Ozzie and Harriet, how funny. Nice shots of the Bald Eagle and the surrounding area Sallie. We have a seven year Eagle's nest here also with a nest cam. Great entertainment and so educational too!


Very, very cool.

Colin Huggins

Trying again!
A most majestic bird, befitting the US emblem.
I would be not getting too close to the nest, that beak
looks most menacing.
Colin (Brisbane. Australia)

Colin Huggins

A most majestic bird, no wonder the bird is the USA emblem.
I would be keeping my distance from the nest. That beak looks pretty ferocious!


That is so cool! I'm jealous. :)


She's good to put up with the camera! These are awesome pictures.


Isn't it a thrill to watch them, Sallie? I've gotten caught up in previous years with the ones in Decorah, Iowa. Your views are so much warmer.


Wow, beautiful shots of wonderful Harriet!
You're so lucky beeing able to see them for real.
Thanks for sharing, Sallie.
I have to check the link again afterwards.


Wow! What an awesome treat to watch the eaglets grow.

Rainfield (雨田)

And you see it live.

So good.


Amazing, - wonderful photographs and such a great a opportunity to see life up close, Sallie.


Beautiful photography...all photos are cool.

Mine is up here.


Wow - magnificent bird!

Martha Z

Thanks for that great link. It seems strange to see them nesting already I guess the season is earlier in Florida.
I did see a pair of hawks flying together today and the herons are starting to work on their nests so I guess breeding season will soon come to our part of the world.


That is so special. Very cool to watch them live.


I just texted my daughter and friend to see that cam. It's so cool!


Now this is the kind of reality tv I can handle, lol! What a wonderful treat to see and photograph these magnificent birds of prey. Off to click on the web cam. Thanks!


Lucky you great shots!


What a treat to see the bald eagles!


I like their names, Sallie! Great shots of the eagle and the nest. It will be cool to follow their progress.

Carole M.

I didn't want to leave your post to comment before I go watch the video; what an interesting project. Having that cam up in the tree like that must've took some doing but what a bonus when the eagles come home to nest again! Thanks for sharing


oh how fantastic! very special


This is the only reality TV I sanction, Sallie! How lucky you are!


Great photos of the eagles and I went over and looked at the video cam and could see the little ones moving! The road and all the traffic looks quite close and the birds don't seem to be worried about it at all.


Great shots! I love their names!


so lucky you get to see them!!!

Steve Borichdevsky

Thanks for the link!

Pia, Sweden

Oh, I have never seen an eagle in my whole life! Fantastic to see your pictures and looking at birds on TV-camera is so much fun!
Greetings Pia


Oh wow! Great shots!
What a wonderful experience your neighbor had. I have to say I'm pretty envious of you both. :)


They grew so quickly ! Mulets and fishes are good for them !


Stunning photos-and the video link if fascinating to watch.(I've just been to the local garden centre to buy snow/ice grips for my shoes! They sell them in the in store Yeomans camping outlet).It's such a different world!!!

Boom & Gary

Great shots!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

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