January 06, 2013


Rambling Woods

How pretty...


Beautful images. Really like your blog. I look forward to seeing you at My Dream Canvas.


I'm glad you shared this with us. It is totally out of my experience. I never thought about people decorating their boats. This is the value of blogging - I can see the special things in other people's lives.


That's a great way to spend New Years.


What a great place to be at New Years. You didn't have to wear a big warm coat and hats and mittens to keep warm. Valerie

pam :)

Wish I was there.. happy new year stairght from my heart.


Looks like a busy harbor. Fun that some people decorate their boats.


How lovely to have activities on site! Have a great year!


Hi Sallie and Bill
Well you have the best of two worlds, even in the USA, summer in
Oregon, winter in Florida.
Can't beat that lifestyle.
Who really cares who has the biggest "cruiser" at the mooring area at
Fort Myers!
Look at the moorings in Monte Carlo, from the biggest to the smallest, seen it.
I don't think anyone looks down their noses. Just all good fun?
I am sure with all the great restaurants and entertainment you, both,
had a great night. Good for you.
Colin (Brisbane. Australia)
Weather: Well 70% or more of Australia is well over 40 Celsius with
bush fires causing terrible carnage and costs
for people, here in Brisbane, we seem to be locked into a "Mayan
fenced" cool cocoon.
Wednesday it will all change - bugger. But I am off to the beach for a few days.


What a great way to spend New Year's eve. It was so cold here (-16) we couldn't step out the door!


I am so envious of you. I would LOVE to be down there right now. Know you all had a great time. Wonderful pictures. genie

Gail Dixon

It sounds and looks like a wonderful way to spend NYE! You've got an exciting life there!!

Lavender Dreams

How nice to travel in your boat to enjoy the festivities! Love your photos...they always look special reflected in the water! Happy New year!


Oh that's a perfect boat that can access lots of places that the fancy schmancy ones can not. It looks like a fun way to enjoy New Year's Eve.


all that matters is it's yours! :) just pull in and park and off to the night-life. :)


HI Sallie, looks like a happening place on New Years! I love the lights on the boats, did they have boat parade? Wishing you a happy week ahead.

Leslie Hayes

What fun! I have always loved the idea of seeing boats all dressed up in lights, but have never had the privilege!Sounds like you had a great New Years!


Boating on New Year's would be my husband's idea of a perfect celebration. Looks warm and lovely.

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