January 25, 2013


Reader Wil

Thank you Sallie! Amazing how upside down photos are so spectacular!


Nice photos and reflections! It looks like an interesting place...


Every body can understand why you love this place !


Wow! The flip twist is so hard to figure. Truly amazing photography!


I like the turtle picture best. Looks like a nice place to view nature. - Margy


Sallie - What wonderful reflective shots! Love the turtles, too!

Joe Todd

Great photos Sallie


And so we have lost in the prehistorical forest.

Stewart M

Great reflections.

I was very excited to see Albatross. When the blurb on the web-sites said we would see them I though "Oh, really!" But I got great views (as you can see!)

Cheers - Stewart M

PS: I'm a "Stewart" rather than a "Stuart" - but these things are not really that important compared to seeing albatross!


I love it Sallie, those reflections are amazing, you can't even tell that you have rotated the photos.

Still slacking in my blogging, but the same, very busy on weekend photo shoot!

See you around.

Mary Pellerito

Lovely photos and a wonderful way of looking at a common landscape. Our lakes are frozen over at the moment so I really appreciate you post.


je suis vraiment fan de la premiere photo,bravo !

Clair Z.

You certainly find yourself in some lovely places! I'm so glad that you choose to share them with us.

Rambling Woods

Oh sweet turtles...Sallie..I love any comment you care to leave..don't ever be concerned about the content, I know it comes from your heart..Michelle

laura k

i love those cypress trees...and their unusual roots & KNEES!! AND turtles are my favorites too! love the reflection!!

Selma, Ala., Daily Photo

Wonderful perspectives! Behold! there is beauty in the swamp.


Beautiful reflection captures, Sallie! And the turtles are a cute find. Wishing you a happy weekend!


Either way the view of nature is stunning. Nice shots, Sallie.

Red Nomad OZ

'Slough' is such an evocative word - and uncommon downunder. I recall the 'Slough of Despond' (Pilgrim's Progress????) but your photos show an intriguingly beautiful spot!!


Wow ! It look like some prehistorical forest lost in an edenic age... With its inhabitant, the turttles ! I like very much this week participation. Great idea, the two tumbled pictures, too.


Wetlands are great places for reflections and these are beauties. Love the turtle shot too.


That middle one is a work of art!

Amit Agarwal

Great reflections, Sallie:)


That last photos thrills my turtle-loving heart. Thank you!


Love the flipped version!
The murky waters lend themselves to "Black Lagoon" stories. ;)
I have to get this summer and see if I can find some water turtles. They are cute little posers.

Colin Huggins

A bit of a dilemma there, which is top or bottom.
I think the top one, why? Looks like clouds on the bottom one in the "Slough",a new word for me.
That water looks like a good breeding ground for mosquitoes?
The water does look stagnant to me.
I think you might need a good spray of anti-mosquito stuff on you? Exceedingly interesting report, as always. Well done.
Pouring rain here - now day two, but it is the monsoon season. At least it has knocked out all the bush fires in Qld. It is Australia Day today (your 4th July), but as it has fallen on a weekend, we get a Public holiday on Monday!!
So no beach, picnic park or outdoor pool BBQ's. All indoors!
But the rain was needed, hopefully it will continue further south and help them down there, still fire ravaged.
Colin (Brisbane. Australia)

Gail Dixon

Amazing how you can flip a reflection shot like that and not be able to tell the difference. Nice job! Love the sweet little turtles on the log.

Gemma Wiseman

These reflections are so scenic and magical! So love the last photo with the little characters wandering the old bough!


Look at all those beautiful ferns growing in that slough! That may be the prettiest slough I've ever seen. The ones around here are usually full of slimy, stagnant water. I'll take yours any day!


Wonderful shots. I love turtles so the last one was a favorite of mine.


Dang, I was standing on my head and still couldn't figure it out. ;)

Love the turtle shot!

Emille/Jesh StG

Oh Sallie, that last pic with the turtle is stunning! Have seen trunks like that in the water before, and am trying to remember where (who knows it was also in Florida!)

Karen Welcome

Wow. Mystical and beautiful. You should submit the turtles pix to a contest.


Isn't it funny how reflections can sometimes stump us? Your pictures are wonderful. I know I would enjoy being at Six Mile Cypress Slough, Sallie.


awesome! the upside-down makes me smile. :)


Wonderful photos, especially the turtles!
Lea's Menagerie


Stunning reflections-and the Turtles are lovely to see!

Carol and artmusedog ^_^

Turtles are awesome ~ Beautiful photography ~ Carol of:

(A Creative Harbor) ^_^


What beautiful captures for the day, Sallie!! I love the turtles!! Hope you have a great weekend!! Enjoy!

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