February 02, 2013


Pam :)

Great captures, Sallie. When we were kids my sister and I use to bring home the small ones and put them in the tub- much to Moms dismay.


Love seeing turtles any time! The ones I usually see are just like yours, algae covering their backs. I think you're right about them being Cooters.


My most favorite. I had a tortoise pet when I was a child. I didn't know back then that it wasn't a good idea for them to be caged or put in a big pail, lol.


there is nothing wrong with straight out of the camera! It shows what a good eye you have!


Such cute pictures ! They look so funny ! BTW I don't have a dog, it's my friends dog I use as model, lol !


Love those amazing mossy turtles!


I like the way they hold their noses in the air saying, "I'm posh you know"


SWF has a new host! Stay tuned!


They don't mind sticking their necks out to make a point, eh.
Great photos. Great post.


Cute critters. They could stretch and hide their necks!


You live in such a beautiful part of your country. You're right about our mosaics - your ferny and green collage could go with mine!

Lavender Dreams

They really are fun to see and some of them get huge! You took great photos! Enjoy the beautiful week we have ahead of us! Sweet hugs!


I love your turtles. LOvely


These are delightful shots. I absolutely love turtles.


It's nice to see some turtles right about now. I can't wait until it gets a little warmer so we can see more.


They're beautiful!


Hi Sallie, I wanted you were the first one to know I post again on my blog.
I like turtles. These one are so funny with their beautiful make-up !

Joe Todd

Neat critters..........


I have never seen green backed turtles! Might they have moss or algae on their shells? This is really super cool. :)

Reader Wil

Interesting turtles! I have never seen green ones.
Thanks for your visit and kind comment. In the Netherlands we heard stories of the survivors of the flood of ninety fiftythree all week. It was very sad. Now in Australia it is also bad, but fortunately there are not many casualties, though each one is one too many.


The ones in the first shot are very pretty! I wonder about the others, if the algae on them hurts them in any way. Thanks for commenting on my WBW post!


" Did your mum tell you to scrub your back!!!" Love this, have a personal story which reminds me of a friend.

We have a few scrub fire, and a total fire ban here.


These are delightful! May I print them and post them in my classroom? They are our heroes.


What wonderful photos -- I love the green ones! And I agree, turtles are very lovable :)

Visiting via Camera Critters

Rainfield (雨田 Malaysia)

I love the mossback with such a beautiful shirt on it.

NatureFootstep Photo

they seem to having trouble reaching down to the ground. Sometimes the SOOC shot is best leaved as it is. Like these turtle shots. :)

Colin Huggins

Amusing creatures. I don't recall ever having seen one in the "wild". Their heads remind me of snakes appearing from out of a hollow log!! I do know that they exist here, just strange to think I have never seen one, except at zoos.
Very interesting report Sallie. Many thanks.
Colin (Brisbane. Australia)


What a cute pair!

Peter Rainville

I think I'll ask Ryan about the species

EG CameraGirl , Canada

I think you are correct that most people DO like turtles. :))

Rambling Woods

I do love turtles...

Jenn Jilks

Great photos! Ours are sleeping soundly right now.
I asked granddaughter where the goldfish pond was, it was covered in snow. She wanted to unbury it!!!!


Mossbacks! Very clever Sallie. I too am a turtle lover.


I like the name Mossbacks too. I love the turtles too or just about any kind of critter. Great shot, have a happy weekend!


Mossbacks is perfect! I just want to dunk them in that water and scrub them off. :)
This made me smile Sallie!


just like our turtles in texas - warm enough year round to keep that gunky algae growing all over.

Hootin' Anni

Oh yes....I am one of them who loves turtles!!! Excellent images.


A surprise-I've never seen green ones anywhere! it is lovely seeing so many diverse photos and sights!

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