February 16, 2013


Rambling Woods

I love to hear about wetlands and other habitats being preserved. Cute deer. Thank you for linking in and for the Birthday wishes Sallie.. Hugs..Michelle




They are so cute ! No deers here just one lezard out of nowhere ! Spring around the corner ?

Laura Hegfield

They are lovely. It makes me think of how our dog used to chase after the dear in the woods behind our house before we put up a fence... I think she really may have thought they were just big dogs who would be fun to play with:-)

Lavender Dreams

I would love to go and see these! We saw deer on Jekyll Island, GA and that was a treat but we didn't get any photos of the ones at the beach! We'll have to go again! heehee!


Awww! What a neat find; not something I would have expected to see in the Keys. They look so sweet and gentle. Hope their numbers continue to increase. Thanks for sharing this!


Wonderful captures! I had no idea there were deer in the Keys.


Oh they're gorgeous. I love to see deer in the wild!


Beautiful animals!

NatureFootstep Photo

wow, those deers are really beautiful. You captured them well my friend. :)


Wonderful shots of the deer. What a fun discovery.


How nice to be able to see them ! It's a long time ago, that I haven't seen a deer in the woods !


What adorable shots!


That's one sweet and beautiful creature.

Red Nomad OZ

How sweet! But as you've pointed out - 'sweet' doesn't cut it in today's world, sadly!!


Sallie, I have heard of the Key Deer, while researching my trip. Your photos of them are cute. Thanks for sharing. Happy Weekend!

Rambling Woods

I have never heard of them before..interesting.. Michelle


Se qu ils sont beaux ! ;o)


They are unique to the Keys- I've not seen one in person- thanks for sharing yours Sallie.

Colin Huggins

Good to know that these beautiful animals are in a protective sanctuary. Deer were imported to Australia, not sure whatever for, I suppose for venison. Some have got loose from farms and like your "little blokes" seem to be attractive to vehicles. Just like kangaroos.
Last October coming back from Young on the main Sydney/Melbourne highway - 4 lanes either way with a dividing section of vegetation in between, Lynette and I counted 40 dead animals - kangaroos, wallabies, deer and emus in a section of about 50 klms. The headlights dazzle them. Terrible to see. The shire road gangs were already at work removing them.
I hope the breeding process is a great success, so many of our wildlife are dying off.
Colin (Brisbane. Australia)

Carletta's Captures

Sallie you have to know these are exciting for me to see.
They look very much like our white tail. Looking at the second shot helps with the perspective of how small they are. I'd love to see them.
Excellent captures!!


Such beautiful animals!

Selma, Ala., Daily Photo

Great closeups of these little deer. And I assumed the Keys were mostly sand!


so sweet. i have heard of these key deer before.


Aren't they beautiful! I love deer, even if they make huge messes of farm products and yard plants!

*♥´¨) ¸.-´¸.-♥´¨) ¸.-♥¨) (¸.-´ (¸.-` ♥♥´¨


Lovely close up photos. The deer in the first photo especially, has a really sweet face!


These are great pictures. I don't guess I have ever seen these little guys. I am in Oklahoma and we have White Tails.

I am glad to hear they are on their way back after the numbers got so low! I love to watch deer!

Happy weekend! :-)


They look remarkably like our white tail deer hereabouts, Sallie. I can just imagine their smaller version of Key deer.

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