February 09, 2013


Rambling Woods

Oh wow..I wish I was there...


I'm happy to know you have a good time. Its looks like so beautiful... and warm !


I've always wanted to go to the Florida Keys since I was a teenager and watched Flipper. :)
These images are so gorgeous! The palms, the color to the water and that last shot - stunning!

Martha Z

That looks like a great spot to exercise the Roadtrek. Morro Bay wasn't bad either. Guess we both like to camp by the water but your water is warmer.

NatureFootstep Photo

wow, what a beautiful place. I think I could spend a week or two there. :)


you have no idea how amazing these scenes are to me right now
I'm not really a warm weather person but after our blizzard I am so in need of warmth and sun
it's raining really hard and the snow piles are ponding and falling over onto the shoveled walk and ...

OY! :)

hugs from me and Hope

Pam :)

Sallie, you captured the tropical feel of the Keys beautifully. Picture postcard photos of the Florida I know and love.
So much has changed over the years but the Keys remain as gorgeous as ever ~:) sigh..

Reader Wil

Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos! You showed us how beautiful your world is. Our world has a lot to show! I hope the weather is okay where you are. I saw a lot of places which were affected by heavy snowfall. Florida looks very tropical and warm.

Martha Z

You do seem to enjoy spending time by the water. I think I would enjoy exploring the Keys.

Clair Z.

So gorgeous! I've never been to Florida, but you are making me want to plan a trip.


You are a gadabout, Sallie! I never know where you'll be next. Our friends were just in the Keys for a month. They love it there. Your photos show its beauty.


That looks like such a beautiful place. I've never visited the Keys, but it's high on my list.


What a beautiful part of the state this is! Sounds like you had a great time!


Excellent! I just love all the gorgeous scenery! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful part of the good old USA!



Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous scenery! It's been too many years since we've vacationed in the Keys.



You really managed to capture all the beauty of The Keys. You had me at the first shot and completely wowed me with the sunset. Bet you wanted to freeze time to enjoy it more.

Sally in WA

Gorgeous shots, Sallie. Quite the difference from blizzard-y Minnesota today.


Nice tropical weather and landscape. No wonder people retire in Florida.


Selma, Ala., Daily Photo

Perfect place to be this time of year, and I adore that sunset and little "private" beach.


I wished I could jump through the screen and lay under the palm trees ! How beautiful !


Lovely photos, the scenes are beautiful as well as the sunsets-I'd have wanted to stay longer! (Here in UK Midlands, 4cm snow is again forecast at low levels with more tomorrow).

ann nz

I love the last photo, the coconut palms swaying in the wind


Looks like a slice of heaven!


just lovely! turquoise waters. pretty sunsets. :)

Rainfield (雨田 Malaysia)

We have a good time.

That is the aim.

Colin Huggins

Great to know that you both had a fabulous time.
The pictures as shown certainly display that this area is an
area to just enjoy, without the "hustle and bustle".
No stunts on that totem pole bike, eh? Wise move by TOH
or did you put your foot down???
No horrible February here in Brisbane for 2013. Thank God.
Stifling heat and humidity. Already the sun is coming up far later
in the mornings.
Must have been blown away in our storms and monsoons.
Cheers and glad that you had a good relaxing time.
Colin (Brisbane. Australia


So warm and beautiful. Your photos thaw me out!


Wonderful shots from your excursion to the Florida Keys. Something I enjoyed last time I was in Key West was going to the Dry Tortugas. I can't remember how long it took on the boat but my daughter and I did one of these things where you pay to go on a boat with a group and they supply snorkeling equipment too. I can't remember if you've ever posted shots from there so it may be something you've already done.


Oh wow! Gorgeous shots! What a beautiful place!


Wow...I wish we were there to take these marvelous shots! I really love your sunset shot and the bridge off in the distance is nice too!

I hope you are having as much fun as it looks like you are! Fantastic shots!

Carol and artmusedog ^_^

Right now these are the exact beautiful photos I need to see ~ 21" of snow in MA ~Photography is magnificent!

Thanks for your well wishes ~ Hope you are where the photos are!

Carol of (A Creative Harbor) ^_^


Sallie, beautiful shots from the Keys. The sunset is gorgeous. The water looks gorgeous! I have find out your favorite spots and must see places. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing. Hope the rest of your weekend is great!

Jenn Jilks

These are glorious photos! I feel as if I've had a vacation! Wonderful.
Cheers from Cottage Country!


Gorgeous captures, Sallie!! Incredible skies and colors and what a beautiful place!! The sunset is breathtaking! Love the water, too!! Surely does beat the upper east coast right now!!

Gemma Wiseman

I so love your water views! Love the different blues in one large patch of water! Water is always special for my spirit!

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