March 10, 2013


ann nz

amzing how dirrent birds are happy perched on one tree.

Kay L. Davies

I enjoyed this, Sallie. Trouble-free is always good, and fun even better!


Love a party where you "do" something next to eating and drinking:) We're still in the 60ties too, on and off...!


Looks like a great trip you are having. Some wonderful bird photos.


Wonderful images. Love the variety of birds.


Lovely lifestyle, perfect temps and water!


I could do with a little Florida right now! Great shots!


We were at the beach camping this weekend, and it was windy too, but I was comfy.

Your boat would keep you warm1 Love your r&r lifestyle!


Fabulous pictures and sounds like a fabulous, if chilly, time Sallie.
How I love those herons!


I love those birdies in the tree!


Looks perfect, and I'll have to admit that 60 with a sea breeze is rather chilly. It's probably worse than 30 with our hot high-altitude sunshine here!

Life Images by Jill

looks like you had a wonderful day out. I tried to take some pics of water birds on Sunday, but my camera died when I got there. You can read about it on my post!
Have a wonderful week. I am linking up to you through Our World Tuesday.


I think you must be living a magical life. All the beautiful places you go and just being on the water...heavenly. Thanks for the visit. Wish our school board was as sad as the community about closing our wonderful little school...200 children. genie

Reader Wil

Thank you for your visit and your kind comment. IWD. Is still necessary, isn't it?


looks like a fun adventure. lovely birds and views.


Great trip and glad you had a nice time boating!


What a great trip and it does look as if you had a wonderful time!! Thanks as always, Sallie, for sharing the fun with us!! Hope you have a good week!!


I almost thought you would write "hold on to your hat" .:) A ncie and relaxing trip it seems. :)


AHHHHHHHHHHh living the dream life...priceless!


Boom & Gary

Great post Sallie!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


Great photos and it looks like a really nice boat trip. The birds in the trees are great and well worth standing up in the wind to take the photos!


No need to enquire if you had a good time then Sallie? All that food and drink, a bit of shopping and even a spot of birding thrown in must be great. Pity about those low temperatures though - my heart bleeds for you, especially since it just snowed here.

Mama Zen

That looks like so much fun! I can't wait to get back out on a boat!


Yes, what more could you ask for, life is good in Florida with friends, the nice weather, stress-free trip, food and all. I am jealous again. :D

Have a nice week Sallie.


glad your boat trip went well! yay! love the heron and egrets in the tree in the top collage.


Cold feet in Florida ? What a strange world ! I like a lot the white bid on your first mosaïc !
So elegant !
To-day I see other (real) spring flowers here and the first butterfly : Its name is "citron" because he is as yellow as a lemon, BUT, snow is waited back in two days...


I'd agree that 60 degrees and windy on the water is mighty cold! You were able to get some fabulous pics from your outing. Haven't seen a night heron since I left Texas, so that was a treat. You certainly lead an exciting life on the water. Always enjoy your pics and stories. :)

Yamda Miyako (orchid)

Dearest Sallie,
Hello, how wonderful that you are enjoying your life; boat, water and beautiful birds♡♡♡ And I love your mosaic pictures of fun tme♬♬♬ I may try mosaic Monday someday p;)

PS> Thank you SO much for your sweet comments. It sure was a delightful surprise. I hope you will have a wonderful new week.

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


Lovely pics of your chilly water adventure Sallie. We Florida gals don't do cold very well.. do we!


Looks like a fun trip and you got some great shots. I love the birds you photographed.

Bob Bushell

I love the birds in the trees, thanks Sallie.


Sallie, what a fun trip. Would be just a little better if the weather was warmer? A fun place to stop to eat and wet your whistle. What a cute name! Great shots and mosaics. Have a happy week!

Stewart M

Looks like a good trip - the things some people can do with ropes is remarkable.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

PS thanks for the 400 post congrats!


Glad you had a good trip-taking wonderful and descriptive photos. UK Midlands has SNOW again and it will be sub zero temperatures all day!


What a wonderful boat tour (except when it was so cold :))I would love to do that too !


It certainly does look lovely where you are!

Woke up to minus 18C so shivering over here ... still!


I would have loved the trip for the birds alone!
Those bright summer tops at least remind me of sunshine and warmth.
Looks like you had a wonderful trip Sallie! Glad to know you made it back home safely.

Lavender Cottage

I love the first mosaic with all the birds. 60 degrees is sweater weather for us in the north. :-)

Colin Huggins

Well done, a great travel documentary on the Caloosahatchie.
I just love that word! The State of Florida's tourist promotion bureau should employ you - not joking either.
Brilliant photos and equally brilliant information.
Pity about the weather, but we can't do much about that. Certainly not here. I think Australia has turned upside down, sweltering down south and coolish up north and WET!
Colin (Brisbane - still Quacksville, Australia).


It looks beautiful there! It's nice to see these pictures of warmth while I'm still waiting for all our snow to melt. They remind me that greener days are ahead. ☺

Have a lovely week.


It was warmer here in Colorado today. I almost got all the ice scraped off the driveway. But, you know, sorry you had to wear socks on your boat trip.


Looks like a fun time was had by all. I love all the birds and the green grass. Wetting your whistle would be a blast also.

Lavender Dreams

I love seeing your photos. What a great way to enjoy Florida! We do it by driving around. And it was perfect weather this weekend! Sweet hugs!


It looks like a wonderful time. The weather looks very inviting right about now when we are ready for spring and warmer weather.

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