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March 04, 2013


Gemma Wiseman

A fun collection of boat names! And love your boat! It looks as if it is cosy and comfortable!Enjoy your water journeys!


Very nice! It must be nice knowing that the boat is always going to be there for you...

Red Nomad OZ

That's fantastic! We always go to marinas and fantasize - but your boat looks a lot more comfortable and cosy!! Enjoy!!


I love being around boats and marina's, probably because I love being around water which is a rare event for me these days. Enjoy your trip, it sounds great :)


I love boating trips and I'm sure you would be having a lot of fun! Happy boating, Sallie :-)


Have fun and take us with you virtually. What is the name of your boat?

Lavender Dreams

What a nice boat...I know you enjoy having it! There are a lot of times we wish we had one! I think the names are fun, too! Enjoy your weekend. At least it's not as windy now as last weekend!


I like your boat
I like it a lot
Hope you're having fun!!

hugs from me and Hope
we're doing fine so far, never lost power and the flooding is further away


Have fun! Wish I was there. :)


Have fun! I look forward to your photos.


So, not Happy Trails, but Happy Wakes perhaps!
I hope there is 'No Problem' either.
Have fun!!!

Jenn Jilks

I love them! I've often been amused with the names.


Have a great trip!


Have a good boating trip (?), Sallie. Here witer is back with a terrible wind !

Pam :)

Sallie I love where you and Bill live. People have fantastic imaginations when it comes to naming their boats.
be well and happy Sallie ~:)

Tina´s PicStory

the pics look like you will have a great trip! :)


Love seeing what people name there boats. Have fun, safe travel.

Kay Davies

Definitely hope you don't have trouble at Lake Okechobee. The name always conjures up dire pictures of alligators in my mind. It's probably not like that at all. LOL


Looks like a fun place!


What fun photos. I've always wanted a boat like yours, it must be so much fun.

Yamda Miyako (orchid)

Wow, I wish you lots of fun and safe boating and hope'no problem'.

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


I love reading the names of the boats, sometimes funny and sometimes creative.

Have fun, and like the last boat's name, no problems!

Pieces of Sunshine

I hope you have a wonderful time - with no problems!


Fun & creative names! I like the Outta Here & Two Far Gone best. Hmmm... I should start searching for a name, hahahah! who knows we might own one in the future.

Bob Bushell

Beautiful boats, cheers Sallie.


Have a wonderful time! ☺





I hope you have a great time boating. I think its fun reading the names and signs on boats. You shot some great ones.

Boom & Gary

Gosh Sallie we had some sun here, but it doesn't rival yours. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Selma, Ala., Daily Photo

Hope you had a good boating trip. I love to read the names of the "big" boats. Two Far Gone is just too cute!

Ramakant Pradhan

That sounds like a lot of fun. Hope you get good weather and lots of superb pics.


Sallie, i like reading the names of all this boats. I wish you a safe and happy trip with NO PROBLEMS!!!


So many clever names for these boats. Two Far Gone sounds like a fun couple. Actually, all of them do! Can't imagine how exciting this way of life is, but I'd like to give it a go! Y'all have fun and be safe!


Fun names! Have a great time.(my phone and WIFI are down....).


I love looking around boat yards and harbours with all the interesting names and wondering how the names came about. Sometimes it's fairly easy to work it out, but often not. Enjoy your trip Sally, happy sailing.

Stewart M

I like "Two Far Gone"!

As a kid in England I could never understand why the Australians used to always beat us at cricket. When I came here - and saw the number of people who play it started to make sense!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

NatureFootstep Photo

wishing you a great tour. :)


What great names they put on these boats. Have a great trip look forward to the photos.


have fun. i love the name of the boat.

Colin Huggins

All looks great. Happy cruising.
Are those homes on the wharf, where you and Bill live, when onshore? I am never too sure with the RV business.
Anyhow looks if so you are able to keep a close watch on your "cruiser" or boat. I thought the nautical minded didn't like the word - BOAT! All watercraft had special names, like from the smallest, kayaks and then upwards to ocean liners or battleships!
Anyhow have a great time. Still raining here!!! Will it never stop??
Colin (Brisbane aka Quacksville, Australia)


I wished I could be with you on board !


It looks so lovely and sunny! Those boats have very creative names.


Have a fantastic time!


I always enjoy looking at boats at marinas. Have a good trip!


You have a great name for your boat - and I hope you have a trip with "no problems" as well.


love it. good luck to you!

Photo Cache

I too like checking out the names of the boats when I'm in a marina.

Penelope Puddlisms

I enjoyed seeing the creativity that goes into the naming of the vessels. Wishing you and your husband smooth sailing all the way. :)


Happy baoting! Have a great time and stay safe.


Oh Sallie, that sounds like such fun. I hope you have a marvelous time - and NO PROBLEMS.


Great looking boats and I always love the names that people give them!! I,too, hope the last one describes your trip!! Enjoy! Bring back lots of photos, Sallie!!

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