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March 11, 2013



Oh I love these ducks...


Beautiful captures! I've never seen one of those other than in photos.


We have a lot of these birds in ponds around the house during winter. We always watch for them to show up and they are a fascinating group to watch. The women gather in the center and chit chat and the boys play fight around the edge and duke it out over the females. Just like a playground of kids. They are also reserved and never let me get a good picture. So your photos are happy for me to see.

Yamda Miyako (orchid)

Dearest Sallie,
What a GORGEOUS bird♡♡♡ Your shots are SO beautiful my friend. I wish I were surrounded with more nature and with more skills with photography p;)

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

NatureFootstep Photo

wow, what a beauty. Gorgeous shots!
Can you give them a ticket to Arlanda, I pick them up when they arrive. :)

Penelope Postcards

The greenish tinge is lovely. I find colors change from second to second depending on small things such as the tilt of the camera or from where the photographer is standing. Water reflections are fluid grasping at any color that falls into its path.


I'm not sure I've ever seen a bird like that. Very distinctive. Nice photos.


Yes, always light changes quickly and suddenly! It is as if the nature showed me the magic! Thanks a lot for your splendid photos.

Boom & Gary

Beautiful close ups!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Mary Howell Cromer

What a wonderful looking bird, good captures!


That's an interesting shot and the bird is new to me too.


What a beauty! I really like the effects of light on the water. You are an Impressionist with your camera!


Beautiful pic of merganser!


What a great looking bird. You take some great shots.


He is so handsome!

Gail Dixon

Gosh, these are so good! I have not seen this bird here, but I've heard of spottings in various places. What a great find. You did so well with your SOOC shots. It's so nice to be able to add a new bird sighting to the list.


Congratulations on a new bird! And a good-looking one, too!
Nice photographs!


One of my favorite ducks! Sallie, great shots of the Hoodie!

Carole M.

they're the most quaintest little 'duck'


Cool shots! I learn so much about the semi-tropics here!


Bob Bushell

Beautiful species isn't it?

Dina J

Beautiful shots! We have a hooded couple that sometimes visits our canal but they stay pretty far away.


Great photos of the Hooded Merganser and interesting examples of light on the water.


Great photos.

Pia, Sweden

Nice pictures! I haven't seen this before either!
Love the second photo where the water gone all green!
Greetings Pia


Oh, I would like to see these in person, just so cheerful photos and of course also good ones!


What a lovely bird! I love that little patch of white. :)


Birders tend to neglect looking at ducks Sallie but when you see something like Hooded Merganser you do wonder why. You got some great shots there. By the way we've warmed up now to +1 degrees.


What a stunning looking bird Sallie... beautiful images.
Hope all is well xx


I always think they look like they are wearing a royal headdress. :)
I love your editing on the last shot!

The sky seems more reflected in the two on the left and maybe nearby grasses on the left.
I know I took pictures of flowers sitting in my window this week and they didn't look the same color in all the shots! :)


Comical looking ducks! Terrific shots!


lovely photos and what a handsome bird!


you got some GREAT shots! love these silly dudes!


This one is so funny and cute ! Yes, colours are changing quickly. The same here where the sky is grey one minute, blue the other one and pink to finish.


That is a cracking bird! I'd love to see one. You are right, its strange how rapidly the light can change on water.

WBW will be up in about 5 1/2 hours!!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


They are so cute !!


Beautiful close ups-and what lovely weather! it's -2c in the UK Midlands with a dusting of snow and a keen N. wind!!!!


I like the views. Greetings


Just the right place to come to identify my bird sightings!

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