March 17, 2013



Oh, they are so beautiful Sallie! Really...

Pam :)

What magnificent white stallions. Sounds like a must see place to visit next time we trod over to the west coast.
Thanks for sharing Sallie.

JoAnnn Bayne

Stunning!!! I love horse photos.


Wow - such beautiful shots. Aren't they handsome!


What a set of handsome stallions! The silvery maned one seems to be carrying some sort of royal air around him :)


What a wonderful outing it must have been to see these beautiful horses. I kinda like the silver mane, too. A little contrast.


We saw them once when the kids were little, and they were wonderful. I love your pictures. And I adore all horses.


Beautiful horse, nice photographs. I am greeting

Pia, Sweden

Hi Sallie!
Nice photos of the horses, lot of movements there!
I don't know so much about horses. I think I'm a bit scared because they are so huge and I am only 1.60 meter! :)
Greetings Pia

Beyond Zephyr

Looks like a fun event to attend, and those horses are beautiful!


Wow! it is a great joy to look at those stallions.


Superb photos of these wonderful creatures!


I saw them on tour one year. So impressive!


What handsome horses!


They are beautiful creatures. Looked like a really enjoyable day out.


They are such magnificent beasts! I have watched them being trained in ballroom in Vienna as well the troupe that toured the world.

Sallie, my eldest granddaughter has been a joy to me for a quarter of a century and I have surpassed three quarters. The days and years fly by like wind driven leaves, I have no idea where the time has gone, yet inside, I don't feel a day over twenty five myself.


Tose are magnificent horses! Glad you got to see them!


Aren't these magnificent horses? Your pictures are quite wonderful, especially those close-ups with the horses' manes flowing. Love this.

EG CameraGirl , Canada

What a handsome guy!


Thanks for the info on these beautiful and regal looking horses. They really are amazing to see in person. Fantastic photos also!

Photo Cache

I know almost nothing about horses, except they're so beautiful and graceful.


Lovely horses and excellent shots of them. That sounds like a fun day out.

NatureFootstep Photo

how nice to see. When I was a teen I was totally in love with these horses. Read everything I could find about them. And bought books if i could find any. :) Thanks for sharing. Glad you liked my snow. :)


They are gorgeous horses! I got to see them when we were in Austria and, being a horse-lover, I couldn't get enough! You did get some terrific captures, Sallie!! Hope you have a lovely week! Enjoy!!

Boom & Gary

They are beautiful!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


Terrific shots of the beautiful Lipizzan horses!


They are so beautiful. You took some wonderful shots of them.

Lavender Dreams

They are such gorgeous horses. We took a drive yesterday and were pleased to see how many baby horses there were in the pastures. It's a wonderful part of living in Florida...enjoying the horses! Have a great week!


My daughter loves these horses. When she was a child, we went to the shows every time they were in town.


Splendid and proud horses and a beautiful story ! Your photos are wonderful. Thanks, Sallie !


Gorgeous horses! I'm going to send this link to my friend. She loves horses. Fascinating history of these and beautiful photos.

Carol and artmusedog ^_^

Wow! Beautiful photography of gorgeous horses ~ Enjoy ^_^


Sallie, it is nice that these horses train and live so close to you in Florida! They are beautiful horses. It must have been fun to watch them perform. Thanks for sharing, have a happy week!

Stewart M

Wonderful White Horses.

There was a TV prog I watched as a kid that had horses like this in it.

Stewart M - Melbourne

PS: There is a new post on my wordy blog if you want to pass a minute or seven!


Beautiful and so interesting. The close-ups are super.I grew up in Liverpool and we looked out onto the Police Training College field where they trained their horses-for work and for dancing displays!


They are superb animals and what a great story about them getting to USA.

Yamda Miyako (orchid)

Dearest Sallie,
Wow, what a beautiful Lipizzan horses♡♡♡ I've seen cows when little but not horses p;) It must be marvelous to see these gorgeous trained ones if I could.
Thankyou very much for sharing about the story, my new friend(*^_^*)

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


Fascinating stuff, and great photos too.
Thanks for educating me - education and knowledge are areas where I need a lot of help....
Have a good week

Clair Z.

So beautiful. Thank you for telling us about their story!


Beautiful horses and mosaic.

Have great new week Sallie.


i know they are tended to extremely well, but i worry about traveling horse shows and the stress it puts on the animals (just like a circus would on their animals).

they are gorgeous beasts.


Gorgeous horses, and yes the one with the silver mane is my favourite too. You managed to get some fantastic shots of these horses.

Lavender Cottage

I didn't know they toured Canada, I'll have to watch for them here. I love the young one with the silver mane too.


What stunning horses!


These are beautiful horses! Fortunately too, we stopped by a few ranches with horses for our birding this afternoon! I hope I can identify them.


I did not know Lipizzan Stallions were trained in Florida! How wonderful to have them so close so you can watch. They are beautiful animals and I always planned to see them if we ever get to travel to Austria. Now, maybe I can see them a little closer to home. I loved this post, great photos.

The French Hutch


They are simply beautiful!

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