March 01, 2013



What a beautiful place! Nice photos of it also!


Come here, Sallie ! Mountains are all around ! I like your first shot of Sauvie Island.

Pam :)

Sigh.. I'd love to visit this quaint seaside town- its like stepping back in time. Great snapshots Sallie.


I wish to visit Portland where my niece resides. Someday and I will have to remember this place you're telling now.

Pearl Maple

postcard pretty views from a beautiful part of the country


looks a lovely place for a wee break!


Both photos have perfect lighting! One of my wish list to visit Oregon. My friend just retired (under age) and have put a down payment for an RV pending sale of her house. Oregon is one of her stops, and I might be able to visit....

Jenn Jilks

The top one is amazing. You ought to enter it into a contest of some sort!


I love the houses with the colorful roofs ! I have never seen a house with a blue or green roof !


I want to be here!

NatureFootstep Photo

I love the first shot. Love the blue, a bit, cold tone in it. :)
But, for todays world I´m not sure the location so close to the water is a good idéa.


pas marrante cette inondation....

Martha Z

That flat terrain of Florida would be hard for this girl of the west to take for very long. I do like the Florida beaches, though.

Carletta's Captures

Being from the mountains and living on flat land for over 30 years I know what you're saying. Nowadays I like driving through a flat valley but having those mountains on either side. :)
These photos are lovely! The light/tone in both is delightful and so are the reflections.


the floating buildings and misty mountains are awesome - and the reflections!


These pictures look like postcards. Beautiful!

Have a wonderful weekend. ☺


Beautiful shots. Those boats look just like houses. Wonderful!


These are gorgeous shots. They have a magical feel to them.

Pia, Sweden

Nice photos! I do understand you have a lot of places to visit, you live in a big country with lots of opportunities! :)/Pia


Sallie I live in a region called "The Fylde", from the original Scandinavian meaning of "field" so I know where you're coming from in missing elevation sometimes. Your pictures show tranquil scenes of water and light - very nice and relaxing.


Such serene scenes with lovely hues.
Definitely frame and hang able Sallie.
Nicely done my friend ~:)


A full time traveller.

And forever enjoying.


Ooh,I am so sending my daughter this link since she lives in Portland! Maybe when I go visit in May we can take a trip to this place. The shot of the floathouses is so beautiful and charming. That shot of the barge reminds me of the Mississippi River here. Simply lovely!


Pretty shots, Sallie! The colors and reflections are pretty. Happy Weekend!

EG CameraGirl , Canada

Super reflections!

Tina´s PicStory

wonderful reflections! :)


Wow! It looks like a different world indeed. The first picture looks like a painting, complete with hills and reflections and I love the shades in the second. I hope you get to visit this beautiful and scenic spot sometime soon!


Looks delightful-I've not seen any float houses in this region before!


okay - floathouses. :)


the house boats are so cool! if that's the right name for them.


It's a beautiful place. My brother once lived on a boathouse in BC.


Doh just wrote a comment and forgot to post it. The float houses look quite grand and picturesque. Photos are a great way to relive vacations.


I can relate fully to what you said about flatlands. When i visit our Central Plains here in Luzon, our rice granary, i fell impatient when hills are not on sight even in the horizons. I realized i can't live in those areas, i have to be in mountainous or undulating landscapes. I agree, your photos are lovely and can be missed.

Gemma Wiseman

Love the moody colours in these scenes! Wonderful tones of blue in the first photo and magical reflections in the second.

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