March 22, 2013



Wow! I understand those wild boars are very mean also.
Thanks for sharing these...


I may be a little freak-ish if I saw those reptiles. hahahah... but a little adventure is fun though.


That must have been quite an adventure. Love your photo's


Those cypress knees look about how mine have been feeling lately!

Wonderful, wonderful photos Sallie. I'm especially impressed by the cormorant. How magnificent he is and it looks as if he snatched up some lunch.

Pam :)

Great swamp creature captures Sallie. At first glance i thought the hog was a bear cub :>).
Happy day to you.

Stewart M

"All the better to eat you with!" the gator replied!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


Never heard of cypress knees, very unusual name.


Oh my I feel like in a Hitchcock movie, lol ! Fantastic pictures !

BTW to replace Google Reader, "Feedly" works also on Chrome I have been told in a comment ! Just try it out ! I hate changements too, lol !


I love the little swamp people. They remind me of Middle Earth inhabitants. :)
I know you aren't as close as that last alligator shot looks. It looks like you are standing right over it. Gave me shivers!!!


What a wonderful post Sallie... I once visited Miami and had a trip to the Everglades to see "gators" back in the early 1980's. I didn't appreciate what I was seeing at the time and really would love to do it all again.
Hugs Drew xx

NatureFootstep Photo

gorgeous shot of the swamp and it´s "little people". The cormorant seem to have a very long neck. Don´t think I have seen any like that before.


What unusual birds! Outside of the bugs, I do think the swamps are beautiful. I admire those hardy souls that live in and around the swamp and know how to make a good living off of it!



Wonderful habitat for that wildlife...Michelle


I love cypress knees! My dad is often asked to hunt wild hogs and boar on various properties around Mississippi. They are very destructive creatures. He sometimes hunts them with a spear, having more success that way. Enjoyed your post, Sallie! Have a great day.


I think I'll take the snow and cold. :<)


LOVE the first shot
straight out of a wonderful scary movie :)


I have bad dreams about falling into that kind of water. LOL!

Great shots!!!

Yamda Miyako (orchid)

Dearest Sallie,
Wow, marvelous pictres of the creatures of the swamp. They are really rare for me; especially I've never heard of or seen cormorant before♡♡♡ I loved your caption "What big eyes you have, gator!" Thank you very much for the gorgeous shots.

PS> I was so glad to read your sweet comments and I DO appreciate kindnesses♬♬♬

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan to my dear friend, xoxo Miyako*


Great photos, Sallie, but quite mysterious deep in the swamp,(not being familiar with that kind of country) Love what you have done to the alligator photo, and the cormorant picture is stunning.

Kay L. Davies

Ooh, I dunno, Sallie. Gators and feral hogs would scare me more than cormorants.
Fantastic photos! I really enjoyed them.

Colin Huggins

Feral hogs (pigs) are a menace. They cause immeasurable damage to the environment. I hope
the Florida rangers or whoever can get rid of them. Preferably to "feral hog" hell, no way can feral
hogs have a heaven. It is the natural habitat for alligators, but I suspect having a quick dip in that mire
would not be advisable. Great nature photos, well done.
Colin (Brisbane. Australia)


Wow! These are definitely things I'm not used to seeing here in western New York! Great photos. ☺

Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

I was watching a cormorant bathing this morning in the fog....they're a bit odd looking, but still a natural beauty. Yes, they do make a lot of noise...especially so in the dense swamp growth. Love the alligator image that is last in your post.


I can handle the cormorant, but not the others. though, those swamp people are kinda cute, in their own way :)


great shots....I was totally delighted by the 'little swamp people'! and the other wildlife - were you very close to those pigs, or the gator....I don't think either are predators of humans, but still......

Bob Bushell

I love the Alligators, but I would want to do with a large lens. Beautiful images Sallie.


da möchte ich nicht ins Wasser fallen..

total tolle Serie
LG vom katerchen

Clair Z.

It's amazing to me that your swampland and my desert can both exist in the same country!


You sure have an amazing variety of wildlife around you in Florida!


I’ve enjoyed reading some of your past travel adventures! I love the London trip. I can see my husband and myself doing this someday. Three months would be nice to stay in a foreign country. Great swamp pics! Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

The French Hutch


What an amazing place, there is a prehistoric feel to the scene...


Not sure I fancy getting close to alligators but great shots


Great shots of the wildlife. I think I'll keep my distance from the alligator.


Wow Sallie what an adventure! Cool knee people!


Awesome shots! Love the last shot of the gator.


What a great series!!!


Wow! Those gators are something. Great captures.


A fascinating post and I enjoyed all these interesting critters.


You seem very close to the gator in the last shot!



So beautiful shots, Sallie !
Your shot with the cormorant looks like a a Douanier Rousseau's painting. I don't know at all what feral hogs can be ! I'll search immediatly !

JoAnnn Bayne

Wow - interesting creatures in the swamp. Great photos.


You got really close to the wild life! That startled cormorant is amazing!


My question is the same as the previous comment - were you walking in there? or boating?? How aggressive are those alligators? I love the cormorant taking flight.


eeeks... you are walking in the swamp where there are alligators!?


Love these shots, those swamp people are really eery. Great shots too. Have a lovely weekend Sallie.


We are always watched by all the critters around us.

Though we used to think the other way around.


the gators are just amazing! love the 'swamp people' knees! can see their little faces and beards! :)

Gemma Wiseman

Wow! These scenes are how I imagine dinosaur land! Everything thing is big and impressive! Even your cormorants seem so much bigger than ours! Fascinating photos!


Your swamp 'people' are adorable! Love all your swamp shots, especially the wild hog.


Sallie, love the swamp shots. The Cypress Knee People are cool. And the Cormorant is a great shot. The Hog is a surprise, cool sight. I am glad they are being moved! The last shot of the gator is my favorite! Happy Weekend!

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