April 15, 2013



I've never grown any, but I've eaten vegetables grown this way a few times. I suppose we could all save some money and grow our own...

Kay L. Davies

I've never visited a hydroponic garden before, and found this very interesting, Sallie. I'm not particularly addicted to dirt, and find enough dirt comes into our house on the dog and on our shoes (which we remove in the entrance hall) so the idea of growing in mineral-rich water sounds rather attractive.
Really enjoyed your photos.


I think like you, Sallie ! For me, vegetables need dirt ! We buy ours just in a little farm. Each thursday, we drive there and we take our "basket" : we have not to pay, because we have paid before (three times an half year). We never know what 'll be in our basket. It's a weekly surprise !


wow interesting! never heard of this until now.

NatureFootstep Photo

soudns great. And looks good. I have not tried it as I don´t know of any place here.


Looks like a very cool place. It's amazing what is possible.


I guess it shows you how much growth can occur when land has to be set aside as strictly rural. Love the growing things in the hydroponic farm...really cool!



Thanks for sharing...this place looks very neat :)Have a great day!



Fantastic photos and place:) Greetings

Mama Zen

Isn't it amazing? I visited a hydroponic farm not too long ago, and it just blew me away.

Reader Wil

Hi Sallie! This is very interesting! I wonder if these plants develop the same roots as the plants growing in soil. I know that some branches of bushes develop roots if you put them in a vase of water. Thank you for sharing this. I had never heard of this before. So I learnt something new today!


They are well taken care of.

No dirt. No butterflies? no bugs? no birds?

Hootin' Anni

Wow, is this impressive, or what? Outstanding.


TOH used to grow Hydroponic tomatoes on our deck years ago but he's lost interest in the fad. I agree with last commenter, lettuce are grown that way. I can't see how it can be called organic if they are fed chemicals.


I think a lot of the lettuce we eat is grown this way - some come in very small pots with roots coming out of the bottom and no soil anywhere to be seen.

Seem strange to be a talking about lettuce on a day like this.

Stewart M - Melbourne


What a nice place !

Name katerchen

das wirkt ja super..komme gleich und pflücke etwas ab

LG in den Tag vom katerchen


Very interesting, I've never tried products from hydroponic farming, should be compared flavors!


How interesting! It does look clean... I don't think hydroponic farming has come to Sweden yet.


I have never heard of this type of farming. People are always thinking of ways to improve and be more efficient. I like it! If it's healthy and tastes good I have no problem with it.


Those plants look so green! Enjoy. ☺

By the way, thanks for your kind comment on my blog. ☺


When I was growing up in south Florida, we ate hydroponic tomatoes all the time. Going out to see them growing was so cool. I have never tried to grow them. Loved all your pictures. genie

Peter Rainville

Hi Mom;
There are a number of hydroponic stores opening in Tacoma, WA (about one every three blocks on Pacific Avenue). I don't think they are really for tomatoes or lettuce growers. Not sure if Geoff & Lisa are seeing the same thing in CO. However, all the stores are showing huge
tomatoe plants with nice red tomatoes all winter.....

Laura Hegfield

I hope the food is delicious... enjoy!

Life Images by Jill

A very interesting post. I would think that hydroponics would be great for inner city living. No soil to trap up with lift with! and with the tiered pots you would be able to grow quite a bit I would think on a small balcony this way. And with the world's population increasing and food prices growing up, and everyone getting a small home this could be the way to go in the future.
I don't think I have eaten hydroponically grown produce.
Great post.
Have a wonderful week and thank you for stopping by my blog today.

Photo Cache

I've seen a PBS show about this kind in Japan but I never really tried the produce yet. I haven't seen any around my area.


It certainly is a neat and tidy way to garden. I don't think the food tastes as good as soil grown either.

Lavender Dreams

How interesting. I guess I would expect it to taste different, too...not as rich and flavorful but I'm easily influenced. I like that it's nice and clean. It sure is great to have plentiful fruits and veggies here in Florida!

Red Nomad OZ

I'm sure it's psychological, but I'm with you on the taste thing. But I guess the only way to really tell is to set up a blind taste test!!


Sallie, this type of gardening is new to me. It looks neat with the layers of plants. I believe more shoppers are choosing organic grown foods now. Great post, thanks for sharing.


I've always felt that hydroponic tomatoes are "watery" inside and don't have as much taste. Of course in CO no tomato tastes good until the local farm stands have Heirlooms. Snowing in Denver!


Interesting-and great photos. I suppose this will be the way forward, when the countryside has been overrun by houses and land is at a premium!

Gemma Wiseman

Like layered "gardening"! I have not seen how hydroponics is done, so these photos are intriguing! In our local fruit shop, hydroponically grown tomatoes are popular! They do seem to be redder!


Many years ago - maybe the late seventies - I came in contact with hydroponics with regard to house plants. I got my plants at a home party. It seemed to fall out of fashion.
Nice info here Sallie. We don't often have success with some plants in the garden and maybe this could be an alternative.
The place looks very clean.


have never tried it or seen it done. very cool, though.


Really interesting way of producing organic veg. I'm sure it must taste delicious.


Nice serie of photos!


That looks like an interesting place. You took some great shots. I'm with you though. Psychologically I feel like my produce should come from dirt.


Great shots and what an interesting place but, no, I've never seen anything like it -- I've heard about it though! I'm like you -- need a little dirt! Hope you have a great week, Sallie!!


Wonderful shots of the place. Plants are very well taken care.

Randi, Sweden

WOW...I have never seen anything like this before. Amazing!!!

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