April 09, 2013



maybe it's searching for some loved ones? hehehe...


Your heron commentary is marvellous. Thanks for making me smile. I love how birds/ animals/ wildlife just get on with things with so little concern about us. They do let us know that we're not really very important uh.


Poor bird friend and what a funny shot ! Thanks, Sallie.


Maybe the Great Blue was there visiting sick friends. It is wonderful that Florida has these bird sancturies and re-hab places. Great post, Sallie!


One of my favorite birds, Sallie. We've seen a few here, now, as they begin their great migration. I love hearing them high in the sky with their cooing sounds. How fun to have one so close to you.


Your photo's are so beautiful and alive, Great job.
Thank you for your good wishes


The Sandhill's live here from October through late March.


Joe Todd

Well done Sallie


How nice that he was checking on his pals! ;-)

Yamda Miyako (orchid)

Dearest Sallie,
Oh, lovely title and the photos of heron and crane♡♡♡
Maybe they can comunicate each other better than we think p;)
Cranes are the birds represent our country and often used for the new years cards.

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


interesting (but quite sad) notice about the sandhill cranes.

How funny to have the heron wandering round, visiting the other birds


Maybe he's checking out the facilities for when he may need nursing. Or maybe he's looking for a lost sweetheart. This organisation are doing a wonderful job.

Reader Wil

Thank you for the interesting post. I saw cranes in Israel last year. They are very elegant birds indeed!
Thanks for your visit. My guide was Dina, who se blog is:" J erusalem Hills Daily photo".

Have a great weekend.
Wil, ABCW Team


The Great Blue Heron is simply a consultant looking for his patient. He has a big "bill" for him! :)

Looks like a really interesting place to visit and it appears they're doing some really good work.

Charlie@Seattle Trekker

I loved the heron and really enjoyed sharing your visit to the bird sanctuary.


That's just funny and awesome!


I have never been that close to a great blue...they are a little shy around here!

I love your sunset colors, too!


"no admittance in any cages" - I bet the birds wish it was true for them also.

EG CameraGirl , Canada

I've never seen such a friendly great blue heron. What fun!

Crafty Gardener

Awwww ... on the outside, looking in. Cute photo


he really looks like he wants in
especially in the first photo
he's sweet


I have been to Florida bird sanctuaries before and I they all seem to have resident bird that will follow you around. It makes the tour interesting.


Perhaps that heron had a close call and is checking out what might have happened to him.
It is hard to imagine a prosthetic for a bird!


am keeping up, but hsrd to type..hugs..michelle


To be that close to the blue heron. WOW!!! Know that was a fabulous visit. genie


What awesome birds, not something we'll see here!

JoAnnn Bayne

Maybe he was looking for ways to get his friends out of those cages.


Nice post.

Gemma Wiseman

The wandering blue heron is quite a character! Perhaps he enjoyed your company and thought he would act as a guide for you! Far more "tame" than any blue herons I have seen!


Very nice pictures, I love that heron!


Our son has a lovely big meadow that floods in the sprig time and grows grass in the summer. It is a haven for migrating Sandhills and he is generous with wonderful pictures of them.

Since I got ancient I don't hear them flying over, and have to rely on one of the children to draw my attention to them, high above, flying north.


That is great! It is Crane social hour.


He was like a tour guide for you! Such wonderful work they are doing there!


I'd like to visit one of the bird sanctuaries one day. I don't even know if we have one close by.


That's a bird with character. I can relate. I don't like being told "no" either.


HA! What a great capture. Timing is everything...


I wonder if he had some friends there... :)

Great photos!

Sharon Wagner

Did you have a fish in your pocket? He was not one of the "patients" Ha!


Beautiful bird, interesting presentation:) I am greeting

Hootin' Anni

The old saying goes "Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence". It is just as you say...:::let me in:::

Great images.

BAD 'Hair' DAY


H does look like he wants to be let in!

I wonder how many tales of sea monsters are due to the seals fin waving?

Stewart M - Melbourne

Name katerchen

FREI wie ein Vogel..also los

LG vom katerchen der so einen Reiher hier am Teich hatte..
das wollte wohl Fische mopsen


Wonderful shots of the nice place.


What lovely shots! That heron seems so tame. And how nice to have a sanctuary that looks after the injured sandhill cranes.


Do you feel that the GBH was use to being around people? The ones I encounter here are quite shy.


How funny - perhaps checking to see if the accommodations were suitable. Rain there - snow here.


My experience of these guys is that they like their space and will glide off if you come within, oh, a quarter mile. How cool that is that this one is social!

Thanks for your comment on my blog. It means a lot to me.


That comment that the heron can't read made me chuckle! Sometimes it would be nice to understand the language of the animals, isn't it? What they think of humans, for example:):)

Thanks for commenting on what you do with your comments. And that reminded me on a question I may have to deal with when next month we're going to take a one month trip. I wanted to ask you how to post via email, because I have no idea how to do that! Thanks for writing me back:)


That first shot made me smile Sallie! He does look as if he's visiting. He certainly looks like he belongs there.
Again, I think they are doing a wonderful job.
So sad so many wildlife have to be rescued but it's nice to know places like this exist.

Lavender Dreams

I love your photos! I need to start taking part in Wild Bird Wednesdays! I take a LOT of bird pics here in Florida! hehee! Enjoy your week! It got HOT, didn't it?


Great shots, well done!


just visiting his friends!

Pia, Sweden

Hi Sallie!
Now I understand your comment about "my" cranes! :)
What funny heron you met here! I also think he is looking for somebody, maybe his "wife"?
Nice there is such places, but I feel sorry for the birds that maybe got hit by golf balls!
Greetings Pia


That bird sanctuary looks like a great place. I like the idea of that Heron wandering around to look at everything. You certainly go to a lot of very interesting places.


I love great blue herons. Fun the way he was visiting while you were. Great post.


love the gbh loiterer! :)


I think he's looking for somebirdy!


What a nice visitor !


He must've had some friends in the sanctuary! lol Poor GBH. He sure is cute!


Bird prosthetics!!! What will they think of next!!!
I love the idea though, that people are learning to help the wildlife that has lost its fight with humanity!!!
And I love that visiting heron!! So funny!!!


fascinating birds-and super photos!

Rainfield (雨田 Malaysia)

The blue Heron cannot read!

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