April 18, 2013



I love your blog, Sallie. It brings back so many wonderful memories. Since moving to Ocala, we haven't been back to southwest Florida...that's over 8 years! Got to change that!


wow, they are so beautiful... I am kind of in tune with these photos Sallie. Thanks for capturing and sharing them.


BEAUTIFUL skies there in Florida! Great photos of it also!


So very beautiful, Sallie.


Very nice and beautiful images


I don't mention tragedies, and endeavour to avoid world news too, other than in comment responses. It doesn't mean that I don't care. It's simply that my blog has nothing to do with any of that stuff. Even so, I would not publish some stuff at the time of a tragedy for fear of inadvertently offending anyone.
Your sky shots are incredible by the way.

Sally in WA

Nice shots, Sallie.

Rainfield (雨田 Malaysia)

Sky has many faces, you see one of those today.

Yamda Miyako (orchid)

Dearest Sallie,
How gorgeous your pictures of the various colors of sky♡♡♡
These pictures always brighten our minds♬♬♬
Loved the lavender and gold sky, feathery clouds sky and the collage you made.

I hope you are having a wonderful coming weekend, my friend in Florida.
Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


Very nice colours - I like the trees in the shots.

Glad you liked my Mud Island post!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Amit Agarwal

Lovely skies, Sallie:)


Outstanding...I love a non-storming sky!

Taken For Granted

Love your sky photos. Great clouds and light. Enjoyed the way you put together several pictures on mid-day light.

Re: your comment on my blog, we spent the last two weeks of March avoiding the snow in South Dakota. Returned to no snow, so I thought our timing was right. I just didn't count on April snow. It should be all gone by June or July, perhaps sooner.


I agree! Life must go on-and your photos bring pleasure to so many.


Oh how lovely that first shot is! I like the color behind the silhouetted tree. Of course your others are lovely as well. :)

Tragedy strikes and life must go on. Hope is what makes that possible.


Stunning! I see hope in the sky as well.


Always the beautiful Florida's skies ! Hope is needed in those very sad times.


Hope - just what I've been thinking we need. Thank you, Sallie!


Your skies are beautiful all day round. Wonderful idea.


Beautiful photos:) Greetings


Beautiful pictures! :-)

NatureFootstep Photo

that´s beautiful skies. Mine is grey today. :(

it will take another month before violets are blooming where I live. I used to make gelly from them.


It's good that you published these beautiful pictures !
But at least it shows that we also have other things in life then this horrible tragedy which happened in Boston ! How can one be so mad and put bombs during a friendly marathon run ? Unbelievable !!


Hallo Sallie
wunderschön der Himmel Lavendel und Gold..schön hast du es gesagt,
Boston..Trauer fühlt auch mein Herz..
verstehen kann man solche eine Gemeinheit nicht
einen LG vom katerchen


I love the lavender in the morning shot. It is also nice to see what the rest of the day held.


Lovely set!

Lady Fi

Wow - colourful and oh so pretty!


Beautiful sky captures. I wondered also if I should post this week but decided photos of beautiful parts of the natural world could help to mitigate the despair of the tragedies in Boston and Texas.

Charlie@Seattle Trekker

You captured the day beautifully.


Beautiful series! Never ending magic of the sky


Wonderful captures of the many colors in the sky.


They are beautiful and just what we need right now. We really need to hand on to the fact that there is still beauty in the world and there are still good people.


I am glad you posted your photos, they are lovely!

Carol and artmusedog ^_^

O beautiful for spacious skies.... Magnificent photography of beautiful skies for Sky Watch and thanks for thinking about us in the Boston area ~ and other places as well. ~

Jenn Jilks

It's not trivial, at all. There is no disrespect. Life carries on.
We cannot let horrible things like this shape our lives.
We cannot allow those who are sick to have power over us.


Nothing wrong with putting a little light in our lives through mother nature.


I do agree that with all the tragic news the past few days we need to try and focus on all the beauty we can find -- looking up is the best place of all! Wonderful captures, and beautiful composition, Sallie! Have a peaceful weekend.


What a nice series of beautiful sky shots! And thanks for visiting The Villages! Where did you live in Florida? The Villages, while mostly faux, is great fun. And it's huge - over 35,000 homes, 80,000 plus residents, and at least 50,000 golf cars!


The tragedy in Boston has everyone on edge. It was a sad day and then to hear about the Texas explosion. I do hope things return to normal and my prayers go out to all the victims and families. Your skies are all lovely, Sallie! Happy Skywatching!


i never know what to do about posting, mentioning tragedies, etc. if i mention one (as i did the texas blast today) it feels as if i don't care about others (like the boston bombings). but most of the time i continue to post, as sometimes we just need to keep going with 'normal'. and especially with peace and beauty of nature which may be soothing to some. like you, i pre-schedule my posts and hope folks know that my heart and head is with the victims, whether the tragedy affects one family or hundreds. whether it is in my back yard or across the world.

Photo Cache

So beautiful.


Nice time-lapse photography. It is always interesting to watch the sky change over a period of time. I love the collage with the contrail. The blue and white in this one is beautiful. genie

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