May 01, 2013


Clair Z.

Phew, I'll bet you need the a/c ESPECIALLY when it's raining. I remember the feeling of humidity. Yes, I do.


That's a great CYA. Great reading when you're out there with no cover--like the NWS warnings when you're hundreds of miles from home on the open road. Gulp!


that reminds me of tropical storms when I lived in Malawi,

Yamda Miyako (orchid)

Dearest Sallie,
Oh,rainy season and Thunderstorm warning☆☆☆ Our rainy season starts June. Sign with rhyme; I loved to read it♬♬♬ it sure must impress people much. To tell you the truth, I've never lived outside of my city; and will never be p;) I always wish to experience living in ifferent environment. Oregon to Florida sounds fun(*^_^*)

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


Good advice


Weather advice often comes in great rhyming couplets!


Wise advice!


It's amazing how many people do not heed the weather. Where there is thunder, there is lightening. Good sign.


Granny told us to NEVER live in place where you don't need sprinklers to water your lawn in the summer.


My experience has been that a good percentage of population lacks basic mental facility and therefore a sign like this is imperative. And even those who know better, sometimes think they will never get hit by lightning. In Florida, you are 7 times more likely to be hit by lightning than win the lottery!

We are the Lightning Capital of the World! :) Notice I did not say the Enlightenment Capital of the World!


This is a great sign! I've never seen one like it before.

Happy Thursday, friend. ☺


Fortunately I know that ! It's a long time we hadn't a thunderstorm !


Don't stand out in the storm, Sallie!

Lady Fi

Ooo - I like thunderstorms as long as they are not too near.

Joe Todd

Have to be careful with rain/thunder/lightning on golf course


Cute sign. We had a terrible thunderstorm roll through here yesterday and more expected this afternoon. Coming from drought-stricken Texas it's a nice change. Although I don't like this much rain, I look around at the lush vegetation and realize the trade-off is worth it. :)


Great post:) Greetings

Selma, Ala., Daily Photo

We are having some cool, rainy days here as well! At least it clears the air! :)


A very good tittle, Sallie ! Here too, it's rainy and thunder (why ? we don't know) season ! Just while I'm writing this comment hailstones are falling just on my blooming flowers, tulips, and iris. I hate them (hailstones !)


oh we've been caught in some surprise thunder/lightning storms where we've had to run for cover...scary! i don't mess around with lightning!

Red Nomad OZ

Hahaha, what kind of folks do they breed in your neck of the woods who actually NEED these signs?? No matter, they're great to photograph, right?!?!


Always best to read signs, especially when it concerns you safety. I would think the rain would have a cooling effect. Have a great day!


ein sehr vernünftiger Hinweis
LG in den Tag vom katerchen der kein Gewitter hat


I like the rhyme! We have severe thunderstorms here in the summer because the humidity gets so high. Global warming I guess.


i do like the rhyme! :)


I'd like to give this sign to my husband! I am terrified of storms, so when they start I run inside! Him? HE heads OUTDOORS to watch the storm come in!


I remember when I used to love walking in thunderstorms. I can remember doing that at the beach as well as around the neighborhood. I stopped in my early twenties but I used to love to do that. I guess the sign is for people like me in my younger years.

Luna Miranda

i hope our rains would come early, too. the heat now is unbearable! i like this sign, Sallie...some people need to be reminded.:p




I will have to show this one to Buddy. He is off again this summer to NH or Maine to those mountains he loves so much. He'll like the sign. genie

Taken For Granted

This looks like excellent advice.

Colin Huggins

Warm rain here also in the summer months.Plus the humidity can go through the roof!
Amusing sign, I wonder how many take notice? Here, city drivers for reasons beyond common sense, seem to drive faster??
I guess they think less water will fall on the car. No wonder there are so many accidents on roads when it is raining. I think the heavier the rain, the faster they drive. Bloody madness.
Colin (Brisbane. Australia)
Weather report: Beautiful Autumn sunny day.


love the rhyming sign. isn't it funny to have ac on while it's pouring outside? but that does happen in tropical countries.


Some people need to be told everything!


Love the rhyming message of the sign :)
My family and I were on vacation in Florida back in 2001, and I remember experiencing a storm and very heavy rain. I also remember the heat :)

Gemma Wiseman

I have never seen a sign like this one! Love the rhyming message! I understand about heat and pouring rain combining! That can be the case in our Australian summers!


good advice! I hope you get some of our rain down your way.

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