April 23, 2013



Great shots! What a powerful, beautiful bird. xo

Jenn Jilks

I loe it! Yes, the butt shot!


No chance, Sally ! But it is so funny !


magnificent birds!

Yamda Miyako (orchid)

Dearest Sallie,
Wow, GORGEOUS and BEAUTIFUL proud shots of the Osprey♡♡♡  
I checked the word 'Osprey'. At first, the title reminded me of the militaly air planes of America, (^^;)
Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


Oh, I've missed a lot of your beautiful nature photos, I like these ospreys I am not even sure if I can tell one if I see it in person.


toll wenn das SO erleben kann Sallie

LG vom katerchen der einen schönen Tag wünscht


Those eyes are huge! Your shots are fantastic, even if the two of them wouldn't cooperate for photos. :) Happens to me all the time!


Great shots. Very crisp lines. Osprey's are very neat raptors. MB


Fantastic shots of the ospreys.


You did really well. We love the refuge and have visited Sanibel many times with our bikes! What a great place to ride and take pictures. Since moving to Ocala, however, we haven't taken the time to go back. One of these days!

Mary Howell Cromer

Oh well, at least you got to view them and got a couple of nice captures!


Beautiful images, Sallie! I like the look on the Osprey's face in the 1st photo.


Great shots, Sallie! I particularly love that first one! ;-)


What magnificent birds! Great photos :)

Dina J

Great catch! He looks young with all of that white in his feathers. I wonder if he's a first year.

Sharon Wagner

Those birds don't always pose for a glamour shot. But you still got good photos. Next stop Corkscrew!


Thems the breaks Sallie. Sometimes you just get the butt end. Love that crazy, fierce look in the first shot.

Hootin' Anni

I could sit and watch ospreys all day long. They're such magnificent birds...as are your images.

Boom & Gary

Beautiful!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


Its hard to get birds to pose isn't it? You have done well though to capture these magnificent creatures .


I like the way people from all over the world can watch osprey - I saw one last week in Perth - but no pictures.

Glad you think that WBW is the best!

Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW

Stewart M - Melbourne


I hate 'butt'shots, too! Love the first shot a lot. Kinda looks like me in the morning.

Phil (@anotherbirdblog)

The size of Osprey's nests always amazes me even though I know how big the bird is. Still, it can't be easy bringing up a family in just one room. Great shots Sallie - wish I had some Ospreys close to here.


Yes, definitely just out of bed, that's bed hair, I know. Amd wild eyed too, - probably having one of those dreams that come along in the fifteen minutes before you have to get up, and stay with you all day! Wonderful pictures, Sallie.


Too funny Sallie!
But all the same these are wonderful images!
I couldn't get over the big eyes!!

You commented on my post about me seeing all kinds of birds from my window. I was gone quite a few hours today and almost as soon as I got home my husband informed me - 'you missed it' - seems we had our first spring turkey while I was away. :(


Wonderful shots of the birds near the nest.


I don't find birds very cooperative. Great osprey shots.

Sally in WA

Excellent shots, Sallie. Especially that first one!


Beautiful birds and photos of them. The first photo is amazing.


What big eyes. I visited Sanibel once - a lovely island.


that first shot w/ the googly eyes is just priceless! love these!


Oh excellent! I think he is givining you the evil eye in that first shot!


You got some outstanding shots! The first one looks like the bird is saying something to you!



Sallie, you got some great shots of the Osprey on the nest. Very cool!

NatureFootstep Photo

You have Ospreys too. :) And in a nest. I have never seen a nest. They say they nest somewhere in my area but I never found out where. I think it is great shots.

Pia, Sweden

Love that first shot of the osprey!
Very nice photos! It's not easy to get the perfect photo. :)
Greetings Pia


Great photos. Wouldn't it be nice if birds posed the way we want them to!


Lovely post for WBW!
Well done!


Magnificent bird!
We can follow their nesting from web camera here but they are now on their way to Finland :)


Fantastic-the first photo especially, shows a truly majestic bird of prey!!

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