April 01, 2013



You are lucky to have such a willing handyman.

Joe Todd

I'm off to Home Depot LOL...


That's quite a project, but it will be so nice when done. Looks like you are going to have lots of storage. ;-)

Jenn Jilks

Thanks for participating! I can't wait for the 'afters'!


Quite a project, Sallie. Having been through many, I certainly understand, and remember the joy upon completion.

EG CameraGirl , Canada

It will be so wonderful once the work is completed!


Living in exciting times. It'll all look wonderful when you're done.


Cool, I love to do work like this. It's going to look really great!


Everything seems to start "brand new".


You are so lucky that your husband can do stuff like this. Mine is useless in this area. Looks like it's coming along nicely. Can't wait to see the After images. :)


What a great job ! I admire a lot your husband and think you have the better part ...


Looks like you're getting a lot done!

Beyond Wandering

You've documented them well!


erst viel Arbeit..und dann ist es schön
mit einemLG vom katerchen

Red Nomad OZ

Gosh, that project looks SERIOUS! Hope you can escape & have some fun every now & then ...


DIY? Looks like it's going to keep Bill and you busy for a while but I can see it coming together beautifully.


Hehehe, Bill is literally trapped! Renovations, remodelling, additions, sometimes will never end.

There's always the archives!

Good luck and take care!


Wow, that's a huge reno! It's going to be soooooooo nice!


Living with drywall again.

Yamda Miyako (orchid)

Dearest Sallie,
Wow, whar a work for your husband and it seems progressing wonderfully(^_^)彡☆ My husband can just make soba-plates and stools for tiy me etc, haha. He looked really admiring your husband's talent when I showed him this post and explained.
We have TV program called "before, after" which shows us houses renovating process of houses. Yes, looking forward to seeing how the project done splendidly♡♡♡ 

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


Renovating a home is a huge undertaking. i can't wait to see the finished project.


Happy remodeling!!


Wow, that's a lot a work. I can't wait to see the finished shots.


What a lot of work that must be! Good luck with the renovations. ☺

Linda Kittmer

Jenn, this reminds me of when we did a major kitchen reno. My husband (also Bill) did most of the work and I was standing by documenting and there to help if he needed a hand. As Bill likes to say, there needs to be a supervisor on every job!


yuck! you've definitely got the better of the two jobs. :)

(not a pentagon feeder - a pentagon-shaped squirrel. ;))

NatureFootstep Photo

nice to see the progress. Earleir in my life I used to love doing this kind of work. .9


As renovators ourselves, enjoyed seeing these.Just calling by to say I hope you had a lovely Easter Sallie, as you can imagine ours has been quiet but very special this year. Thanks for your lovely kind words.


Sallie, sounds like a nice makeover going on. I will look forward to seeing the before and afters. Have a happy week!

Reader Wil

Well Sally! That looks very promising! I am looking forward to seeing the final result. I always admire DIY people. Have a great week!
Thanks for the kind comment.

Photo Cache

I remember when we bought out fixer upper and had to do most of the fixings by ourselves. We would come from from an 8-hour day job, pause for dinner then would be doing all the fixings until midnight, then repeat again the following weeks. Two months in fact. It's going to be fun, maybe not right now, but you'll look back and see it was fun.


Will this be your forever home now? A great and witty photo diary of your hard work!!!

Carol Carson

I loved these pictures. You may think they are "a little thin" but they take me into your world and that first one brought a smile. Very cleverly captioned. Thank you!


It seems to be a nice place after finishing :)
I wish you a good and rewarding working days!

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