April 29, 2013


NatureFootstep Photo

thanks for the viritual gift. :I It seems to be a very nice tradition. :)


I was happy to read that I am not the only one who remembers the May basket on May Day! Wasn't it fun?

I used to live in Pensacola, FL, and remember the warm rains too. I used to garden in my bathing suit, when it wasn't thundering that is! '-)


Happy may to you too, Sallie ! In France on may 1th we offers Lilly oh the Valley too our beloved ones. We planted it in our garden, but this year, because of the long winter, we have just little leaves. Happily, we found it at the flower shop.


Very beautiful collage/collection. I do miss south Florida flora! I don't miss the humidity, though! :)

Yamda Miyako (orchid)

Dearest Sallie,
Oh, what sweet lovely flowers they are♡♡♡ I've had some tropical feeling out of them; I love the purpole orchid, hehe(v^_^v)~*

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


That's a nice tradition (teaching kids to be nice to others too:) ) LOVE the purple flowers!


Those are gorgeous flowers!


Happy May to you...


I can relate to 'other people's flowers'--they are beauty without the fuss. Love your collage.


The flowers are all very beautiful.


einen schönen 1.Mai wünscht dir das katerchen mit einem LG von hier


wow, so colorful, Happy May....

Boom & Gary

Beautiful colours!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Red Nomad OZ

You'd feel right at home in Australia's Tropical North with that selection!! A timely reminder that winter is coming down here - so it's time to head for the sun!!


Thank you for the basket of flowers. A nice gesture. You are lucky to enjoy your neighbours flowers and not have to tend them.



Life Images by Jill

What a lovely tradition!
Have a wonderful week and thank yo for stopping by my blog last week - we have been away trecking and only just back - so catching up!

Lady Fi

I love tropical flowers. How lovely!


These are beautufully exotic!


that's a neat tradition - not one i've heard of. :)


I see bougainvillea in your collage! Love those. I don't know why this post did not show up in my feed. I actually saw your link on Our World Tuesday. :/


I love May Day baskets, no matter what flowers are in them. A friend commented a few years ago about her mother, who had just passed away, always giving her a May basket. I slipped one on her doorknob that May. She was so very touched and I felt so good at having done so.

Photo Cache

I would like to know more about the traditions of May Day, because we don't have one.


Beautiful Flower Pics!


Sallie, your photos are beautiful. It is very nice you get to enjoy the neighbors pretty flowers. Happy May Day to you!


Beautiful, a great collection of shots.

Linda Kittmer

A lovely collection of photos!


Beautiful photos, and very pretty and exotic flowers.
I love the story of your May day tradition from you were a child, how nice to take flowers round to your neighbours :)

Happy May Day!


We picked Shooting Stars and wild violets from the woods behind our house to fill May baskets. Your neighbors have very pretty flowers. :)


I love the ideaof taking flowers round to your neighbours. How delighted I would be if that happened now. Beautiful flowers with such vivid colours.


Yes, looks like our part of the world indeed, Sallie! Beautiful captures for the day!! Hope you have a great week!


Very pretty flowers and photos! They are everywhere around here also...

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