May 30, 2013


Jenn Jilks

And a glorious photo with the flag, too!

Lisa Hermanson

I did not know the May moon was called a Full Flower Moon -
what a lovely name !


Romantic moon shot!
A dear neighbor had been a Marine Corp colonel and made sure his flag was lit at night. He was a proud man.


Wow, that's a beautiful capture of the moon!


Gorgeous moon, Sallie - and I love the Heron down below.


As a former Boy Scout, I know the flag rules pretty well. It's OK after dark, as long as it is lighted, which this one is not.

Nice moon shots!

Rainfield (雨田 Malaysia)

Your camera is big, as big as a full moon.

It keeps the moon inside.


The aqua color in the first shot is gorgeous! The flag and moon together is very special. Some flag etiquette I understand, but taking it in at night is one I don't get. Glad that rule was ignored in this case so you could take your shot. :)

Jidhu Jose

beautiful clicks
happy SWF

NatureFootstep Photo


Name katerchen

wunderschön Sallie..

LG zum Wochenende vom katerchen

orchid Miyako

Dearest Sallie,
OMG,gorgeous moon!!! Have I said I wish to take pictures of the moon in my comment for you before?
I needed to check the word "point-and-shoot"; I wonder what kind of camera you use p;)
Love you always from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

Lady Fi

Wow - that really is a lovely moon!

Red Nomad OZ

There's something magical about seeing the detail of the moon's surface - maybe it makes us feel we're a little bit closer to being able to visit it ourselves!

Have a great weekend!

Mama Zen

Breathtaking moon shot!


I love the night sky


Oh yes cameras are much better than they used to be. I guess I don't mind people flying flags at night but I do mind not changing out flags when they get worn and torn.


They say if your flag has a light on its Ok to fly it at night and your is beautiful lit by the moon :)

note, Hydrangeas won't go here either but my daughter knows I love them so she picks some up every year and keep them on my porch until they wither.


Beautiful shots! The one in the bottom right corner is my favorite. :)

Laura Hegfield

gorgeous moon photos Sallie... wow!


we had cloud cover to intrude on the 'flower' moon!

Colin Huggins

Wow - fantastic moon shot. Obviously you have a telescopic camera?
Regarding flags. I know that they were always taken down at dusk but the ones over government buildings and war memorials etc. now seem to have spotlights on them at night. Maybe that is why they remain flying at night???
A retired naval man in my street ceremoniously takes his flag down at dusk and puts it up early in the morning.
Colin (Brisbane.Australia)
Weather: Fine and sunny (8.00 am Friday 31st) and if all goes to plan it will be raining by lunch time!! At least it is saving me watering my Bike riding neighbour's garden as they pedal along the Danube, Austria!


Such a clear view of the moon in close up. Excellent set of shots.


Pretty shots of the Flower Moon, Sallie! The newer cameras are great for the zoom. Happy Skywatching!


Great Shots,
It is kind of strange about the Flag.
I have seen some houses around here that have a spotlight at the base of their flagpoles.


Oh, you got a lovely shot too!

NatureFootstep Photo

the cameras is good nowdays.

Re the columbines. In Sweden I think I´ve seen all colors except for green ones. And a lot of different shapes too.


Wonderful shots. I liked the shot of moon with the flag.


Great shots of the full moon, traditions seem to fall by the wayside these days.


Wonderful shots of the beautiful moon.

Crafty Gardener

Very nice photo of the full moon. We used to take our Canadian flag down each evening and put it up again in the morning, but after awhile we just decided to leave it up all the time.

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