May 18, 2013



Very pretty flower, just love it.

Pia, Sweden

What a beauty and very good photos!
I think of one cactus some have indoors here in Sweden, it's called (if I translate) The queen of night. /Pia

Mary, MI

Wow it's beautiful!

Mary, MI


I think it's lovely!
Very well captured Sallie!
I'm a night owl most nights so I think me and the flower would get along nicely. :)


It would feel like a gift to me as well. I am wondering if it is scented. Often, white and night blooming flowers carry a fragrance as well. No matter, though, for this is such a beauty, Sallie.


Amazing flower and stunning photos.

A Wondering Star

Magnificent pictures!!


A most magnificent bloom!! All the more interesting for being so secretive!! I am visiting here via NF Blo-Ma.


Gorgeous blossoms!


It is absolutely beautiful!!!Definitely worth waiting for it to bloom!:)


Absolutely beautiful!


So beautiful.

Sophie A.

How precious this night blooming flower, delicate and a sense of fragility in its beauty.

Very very nice.


wow what a lovely flower, even more so for it being so shy and only flowering at might


What a beautiful flower ! My brother-in-law have the same in his greenhouse in Marseille. I like a lot to see them at night ! It's a real and wonderful gift.


I love this, you don't often see a cactus in flower. Great captures.

ann nz

In Mal;aysia, this is the lucky flower, if your plant blooms, you will struck lottery ticket. Some even have a party to observe the flower open. My parents had one, they didn't bloom often, my brother's in Australia bloomed often and mutliple flowers.


somebody has to work the night shift!
very nice photos of this beauty...


Wow ! how beautiful ! Strange that it blooms at night !

My Little Home and Garden

I think this flower is rather gorgeous and a bit mysterious as you have to seek it out at night! Some things are worth the effort.

Stewart M

Seems like a good reason for a late night or an early morning!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


Sallie, i suppose this is native to India, we have a night flower by name Brahma Kamal. But they have bit different shape, wonder this is the same...


It is a beautiful flower, such a pretty bloom. Lovely photos, Sallie!


Yes, a precious gift. Is it fragrant Sallie? I can imagine a beautiful scent drifting through your open window!!

Rainfield (雨田 Malaysia)

The flowers bloom while I am on the way scrolling the computer screen down.

Clair Z.

That lady who thinks that the flowers should bloom just for her makes me laugh! I love that first closeup photo. It gives us a whole new view of this lovely flower. Thank you for making it bloom for us!

Yamda Miyako (orchid)

Dearest Sallie,
What a GORGEOUS picture of night-blooming cactus☆☆☆ So stunningly beautiful♡♡♡
We call the flower or plant 「月下美人 gekabijin」in Japanese. Literally means "beautiful lady under the moon" ;so rry for the poor translatio p;)
Always admire your pictures (^_^)彡☆

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

Luna Miranda

spectacular! my SIL has a night blooming cactus, too--the petals look different though. i believe this is fragrant. i missed the blooming a few years ago.:(


Oh, gorgeous!

Lavender Dreams

Your photos are amazing! The close up is so crisp and clear. I think it is delightful!


Fantastic shots of the beautiful flower.

Colin Huggins

Oops - no I am not "lusting" over the cactus. I mean "I must investigate"!!

Colin Huggins

Well, how peculiar - a night blooming cactus!
Iust investigate here, many blooms close up for the
nights! Sure is pretty.
Hazel! 18 Celsius is cold enough for me. You may keep your 10c's and unders!!! ha ha.
Beautiful Sunday morning with that "bite" in the air.
Colin (Brisbane. Australia)


A very special flower, you managed to capture some terrific shots of it.

Lisa Hermanson

Fantastic shots, dreamlike !

Mama Zen

How incredibly gorgeous!


There is some magic to this... Michelle

patty hartley

Just beautiful, lucky you to find this!

Lady Fi

Wow wow wow! These shots are magical.


it is so weird - sometimes i get your feed rather promptly (like this post came thru feedly 57 min. after you posted it.) other times, it is 12 hours later!


how VERY exotic! beautiful!


Lovely to see one again. I had 'Queen of the Night' before the fire consumed all and sundry. I had it flowering in the bathroom and as we went along the hall to bed, we'd suddenly stop, look baffled for a moment and, with an ahh, make a concerted rush for the bathroom because her majesty had opened and the magnificent scent found it's way under the door into the central hall. Our's would open at midnight and last till 6 am but was so worth while staying up for.

PS Our seasons have gone haywire and a lot of plants and birds are confused.

Gracie O

The foliage part looks like what we call a Christmas Cactus. However the ones I have seen bloom in the day time and are bright colored and also have a different shape. This on is unusual. Beautiful

Carol and artmusedog

Wow! magnificent shots ~ truly beautiful and well done!


Wow!!! Thank you for introducing me to such an incredible flower. I have never seen this one before. It is stunning!

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