May 23, 2013


Clair Z.

What a wonderful combination of present beauty and remembered past times!

NatureFootstep Photo

blue, green, and read. :) Was never good at that. :) Love those red flowers.


We all have such fond memories of crayons, don't we. Do you suppose little ones still use them?
Have you ever considered sending your photos to a Florida publication? They are really special. You give us all a taste of Florida, minus the pythons of course. :<)

My Little Home and Garden

I can just about picture myself with that stubby, blue crayon!


Makes me want to open up a brand new box of Crayola Crayons for the sheer joy of it.
We just painted the bedroom the grands will use. The sky, er ceiling, is just that blue.


Those skies are gorgeous! You're right: the clouds do look like jigsaw puzzle pieces. :)

Have a lovely weekend.

Stewart M

I could well be wrong - but I think that first picture is of an Australian plant!


Stewart M - Melbourne

A Wondering Star

Great photos and very nice to see such a clear blue sky!

Name katerchen

Hallo Sallie
und hier ist alles grau und es ist kalt
LG vom katerchen der danke sagt für den schönen Himmel


All your skies are beautiful. Today, here, at 7.30am the sky is grey and... it's snowing !!


Love your beautiful Florida skies! Happy weekend!


Perfect skies, you do indeed need only three crayons.

Sophie A.

Magnificent sky view!

Pia, Sweden

Nice skies, but I like the tree you show us! They don't seen to be any I've seen before.
Good luck with your new kitchen!
Thanks for your kind comments, Sallie!
Have a nice weekend! /Pia

Yamda Miyako (orchid)

Dearest Sallie,
Oh, I love your description of the broken clouds "look like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle", really true isn't it♡♡♡ Yes, I DO remember that my blue crayon wore out first, as we often have sketch classes p;) Beautiful picture of bottlebrush with blue sky(^_^)彡☆ I've never seen the flower before and sure named after its shape. Thanks for the name on the picture when we put the pointer on it♬♬♬

Having hot days before raniy season comes; Love and hugs, xoxo Miyako*

Jidhu Jose

beautiful clicks
happy SWF

Lady Fi

Those flower shots are lovely as is that puffy cloud sky.

Hazel UK

I love the colours in the top photo especially! (Here, we are promised 10c., with a cold N wind and very heavy showers).


I had not thought of being a child and using crayons for years...loved the blue sky!

Mickie Brown

Such interesting flowers, Sallie. And those pretty "cotton ball" clouds against the blue sky are always beautiful. Hope you are ready to enjoy a lovely summer. Mickie :)

Photo Cache

flowers against the blue sky - great shot always


Beautiful shots of flowering trees against the sky.

Karen, Pixel Posts

Beautiful blooms against a perfect blue sky! Love the last shot.


Lovely captures.


I love how you equate them with crayons, hahaha. Last weekend we have skies almost like that, and i saw the clearly marked white scales.




Gorgeous skies and photos, Sallie. I love the first shot. Have a happy weekend!


You are so right about the crayons! White never worked. Your photos are fabulous with color!

Red Nomad OZ

HHHMMMmmm... you could almost be downunder with that colour palette!


Wonderful shots of the blue skies and trees.


What a beautiful series of photos!


Love the blue skies contrasting with the colourful flowers.

Colin Huggins

The top clear blue photo is what Brisbane is like this morning, but there is a real "cold bite" in the air. Sure ain't a tropical feeling I can assure you!
The Florida shrubs as shown also bloom in plentiful numbers in gardens around my area also. The parrots love the nectar.
Colin (Brisbane. Australia)


I like the contrast between the sky and those red bristle blooms!


Beautiful skies - and I wonder if that is a Calistemon in the first photo?


I love your new kitchen!! You are going to hate leaving it for the West Coast. My red and pink always wore out first. I never like flesh or white.



Big open blue skies .... could anything be prettier?

Laura Hegfield

oh so beautiful... have a lovely weekend:-)


Beautiful skies and lovely flowers. Great photos, Sallie. Have a nice weekend :)


you made me laugh. blue and green, both wore down first. and you're right - the white one never really did much. :)


Those flowers are so special. I love them and your sky, beautiful. Have a nice weekend


Beautiful view.


Wonderful photos for SWF,Sallie!Have a nice weekend!

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