May 13, 2013


Kay L. Davies

Fascinating photos of renovations! I love Home & Garden TV.
That last flower photo is simply stunning! Wow.


The counter top looks great! Nice choice...
We are also sitting in an RV park (our favorite) and there aren't very many people here at all. Nice photos!


Beautiful flowers, beautiful colours:) I am greeting


You live in a really beautiful area! Your morning walk photographs highlight the colors you get to enjoy!
I don't envy you the renovation but if it must be done, watching someone else do it is the way to go! :)

Rainfield (雨田 Malaysia)

You get the luxury to watch people working from time to time.

Stewart M

The speed with which some of these things happen is remarkable really! We had some work done years ago when we went away for a weekend! Came home to new bench tops!

Thanks for the multiple comments.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


I prefer watching, then the Do it yourself way, lol !


Beautiful pics..loved the sky....:)


Beautiful blooms so well captured! Have a great day!



Nice counter tops. Hope you get the projects done and on the road before summer is over.


It looks like you've made great progress. Beautiful shots and I love the woodpecker.

Wes Wankel

We like your choice of Granit. Glad you found some you liked. It really is fun watching others work. We are glad you took time to goout and enjoy the flowers and birds. We look forward to see the fruits of your labor when we get back. Great job Bill


Looking good! Keep an eye on the workers--someone' got to carry the clipboard!


Yes, we usually do not notice the hard work some people do. Nice pics!


Beautiful countertop! Love the other images, too—especially that sweet bird.

Have a great week. :)

Yamda Miyako (orchid)

Dearest Sallie,
Oh, I can feel how it will be: must be both fun and tiring. Your stone counter-top looks LOVELY♡♡♡ I wish I could visit your cottage(*^_^*) Happy you could find time for posting, my friend.
Wonderful colorful flowers; your thoughtful comments and they brightened my morning♡♡♡ Take Care of Yourselves.

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


So glad you got out and captured this awesome images- all work and no play is down right boring.
Can't wait to see your finished cottage.


Thank you for your comment. Wasn't too late for me. I'm all packed and ready but we are catching a plane at 2:00 so I have a few moments to catch up with comments. I like your choice of stone. So you renovate and then leave hee hee but nice to come back to.


It looks great...

Clair Z.

The kitchen looks beautiful, as do the birds and flowers. I was thinking while sitting on the porch this morning that every day the hummingbirds and hollyhocks here bring me so much joy, and I see that you like the same things, too.


Sometimes I think Terry and I ought to sell the farm and do what you folks are doing. But I know I'll never get the farm out of him, so I'll just dream along with your adventures!


NatureFootstep Photo

lol "It's amazing how much time it takes me to watch other people work." Amazing, isn´t it?

I too like the golden light, I usually find it no matter how small. :)


Lovely shots Sally and the granite is looking good, I bet you can't wait to get back on the road again.


Oh, it's looking good. Great morning walk shots!


The granite choice is beautiful, Sallie. Good luck with your project!

Lovely bird, flowers and sky. Great photos :)


Gorgeous granite! And thank you for your kind comment(s) today! You're too gracious!

However, I would respond by saying that you, also, are able to spot interesting photo opportunities in everyday things. Love the bird and the flowers but I'm wondering how you were able to take those pictures when you were watching other people work! :))

Best wishes to you as you it the road!


Very pretty. Good luck with your project, and get out of there before it gets too hot!


Wonderful choice for granite. Beautiful bird and flowers in the park.

Boom & Gary

Take your time, the weather is weird!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


Oh, yes! I, too, love your comment on watching others work!! Best laugh today! And I also love your collage for the day! Beautiful! Hope your week is off to a great start, Sallie!

Name katerchen

gigantische Steinplatten..die Farbe für die Arbeitsplatte gefällt mir sehr.

schöne Bilder aus der Natur.

DANKE sagt das katerchen mit einem LG vom katerchen

Emille (Jesh StG)

Glad you have your new countertop now - a big thing because you are looking at it all the time! And a beautiful bird in your collage:)


I love the countertop! You will have a new place by the time you finish all the makeovers. Have a great day, loved the photos!

Lady Fi

I like the counter top. And oh, hibiscus is one of my favourite flowers!


Happy to read you again, Sallie ! Your countertop is lovely ! Time to take soon the road again ! time is flowing so quickly ! Have a nice and not to busy wwek !


The granite choice is beautiful! Glad to see a post from you again. Hope the reno wraps up soon. I know you are ready to move on!


Sallie - I actually thought of you yesterday, wondering why you weren't posting! This renovation explains it. I like the granite you picked.


laughing at your 'watching others work' comment! :) looks good!

Carol and artmusedog

Gorgeous photography of nature's beautiful colors and glad you were able to find what you wanted for your kitchen ~ looks lovely ~ Enjoy ~

Thanks for visiting ^_^

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