June 03, 2013



First of all, yea! The new kitchen is here to stay (and sounds like your marriage as well, tee hee).

Secondly, how interesting. I'd not heard of dumpsters in a bag before, and it is terrific that so much can be recycled for such great endeavors like Habitat for Humanity. Well done.


My mother is just like you ! She had her kitchen remodeled and all the electric installation renewed (in all the house). The workers were in the house during more than a month. She just send me a SMS saying "ouf ! all is finished" a few hours ago...
I'm happy for you (and for her) to know that you are all back to a normal life !


Cant wait to see photos of the new kitchen! I love to shop at the Habitat Store here..I get free stuff there too, its great!!


Those who cook together stay together. I think that's how it goes. Kudos to you - remodeling a kitchen is a very big job!

Name katerchen

und nun ab in den Sperrmüll mit der alten Küche..
LG vom katerchen


I think it's awesome that Habitat For Humanity is able to use some of your old kitchen for a needy person's home! Never heard of dumpster in a bag, but it sounds so convenient. My daughter used a storage pod on her move to Oregon and I thought that was a cool thing. Congrats on the new kitchen. Bon appetite!


We used to do it all ourselves too but that was when we were a lot younger. Enjoy your new acquisition. I'm just running in a new stove and that is quite enough for me.

Stewart M

We had our kitchen renovated a few years ago - the amount of mess it creates is astounding!

Glad you continue to like the wordy posts - hope your reading chair comes with a near =by resting spot for tea cup / wine glass or whatever!

Stewart M - Melbourne

orchid Miyako

Dearest Sallie,
Wow, I never heard of this kind of service in Japan. 'dumpster in a bag'; how convenient☆☆☆ And I can see how hard you must have worked for your new kitchen!!! I hope you are not too tired for your big job, and "Yes," we are really eager to see your remodeled kitchen(^_^)彡☆

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

NatureFootstep Photo

how great. Congratulations to a new kitchen. :)


Always nice to see a successful project come to an end. Very nice of you to donate the usable portions of your old kitchen. Good on you for that!


It must be a wonderful feeling after all the hard work that went in to rework your kitchen. Your kitchen must be looking great, I am sure. The dump bag looks quite a convenient way to discard the thrash and I love the concept of Habitat for humanity. Such a wonderful way to give back to our society. The witty captions of Going, going... gone put a smile on my face :)


eagerly waiting for your post of finished new look of the kitchen... You feel so happy when you donate something... My daughter segregates her stuff every month to keep aside her unused stuffs... Feel very happy...


I have never restored or remodeled a house or part of the house, I have watched some progemmes on TLC and find it very interesting. It must be very exhausting though :)

Lady Fi

What a relief! Now all you have to do is enjoy the new kitchen.

Mama Zen

I bet your glad to get that project over with!


What did we do before the Dumpster?

I'm having fun watching your kitchen take shape.


the pick-up services is great - on both accounts.

you are gluttons for punishment, i think. :)

Life Images by Jill

well done on the project started and finished. Those "dumpster in a bag"s look like a great idea! I am glad some of the old cupboards will be reused by someone who needs them.
Have a wonderful week.

Penelope Puddlisms

I am very impressed that you’ve managed to survive three such renovations. Remodeling a kitchen can be so daunting a task that meeker souls would simply stick with the old. :)

M. J. Joachim

A dumpster bag...who knew?

Photo Cache

Big projects such as remodelling is a big challenge to relationships and you "kids" are warriors. Can't wait to see the spanking new kitchen.

Karen, Pixel Posts

Dumpster in a bag, cool, I think you can get just everything in a bag now a days! When are you heading notrh?


Glad you have finally some peace and order back in your life, the cost of having rubbish removed is ridiculous.


I like the method you use to haul the rubbish away. And it is nice that some items could be re-used and recycled. I know you both have to be happy it is almost over now and you can enjoy your new kitchen. Have a happy week, Sallie!


That is such a convenient way to get rid of larger pieces of rubbish. I'm sure you will enjoy your new kitchen for many years.


I've been tempted to order one (or two) of these to clean out my son's bedroom :-)


So many good things in this post...a new kitchen from top to bottom for you, a perfect way to haul trash and Habit for Humanity gets a donation!

Way cool!


Randi, Sweden

Wow...I have never seen a truck like this before!

Joe Todd

We just had our old garage torn down and hauled away still need to have the new one built. Always something to do LOL

Linda Kittmer

They say the third time is the charm, so hopefully you won't have to do this again! Enjoy your updated space!

Harley Wilde

I like that big green truck. I have a toy one like that.


You must have breathed a huge sigh of relief when the last of the rubble was removed.

Boom & Gary

Bet you're glad that its over!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


Congratulations of being together after multiple kitchen remodels. That does indeed say something about your relationship.

Hazel UK

Here's to many more happy winters-perhaps free of work!!All the best for your coming trip!

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