June 18, 2013


Lisa Hermanson

Feathers on the owl so soft !

Lady Fi

Oh wow - those owl shots are amazing! What a lovely creature.


Quite surprised to see owls outside during the daytime. A lovely treat for birders though :)


Late coming to the owl party here, Sallie, but, enjoying the photos just the same. What a sighting, in spite of your one/tenth adventure.

Sally in WA

That last shot is awesome, Sallie! Heading west now?


Lovely photos, such a cute owl!


he's adorable!!

I would have called the cable co and told them you left the modem on the corner of 10th ;)

orchid Miyako

Dearest Sallie,
Oh My, it must have been quite tiring but she/he lightened up your day♡♡♡ In Japan they are believed to bring luck to us. Your luck bringing sweet owl look really fantastic and lovely♬♬♬

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

orchid Miyako

Dearest Sallie,
Oh My, how GORGEOUS she/he looks♡♡♡ It sure must have been a little lighten up for your mind. In Japan they are believed to bring luck for us(v^_^v)~*
Have a lovely rest of the week, my friend.

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


so Erlebnis macht ALLES wett was vorher nicht so gut war Sallie
LG vom katerchen der DANKE sagt für die Bilder

Jenn Jilks

What a happy story! What fun.

Mary Howell Cromer

Those run around errands and the missing link to where it is we are actually trying to get too can become so frustrating. The Burrowing Owl had to have been the one sweet moment in that bad day...so cute it is~


wow, very well captured...

Stewart M

What a great looking bird - I've seen other posts about this bird and I really want to see one.

Nice post.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


I'm glad the frustration of driving around had such a beautiful, positive twist to it!


I like her (it ?)*. She (it ?)* seems yo say "Courage, Sallie !".
I hope you found the good tenth.

*In French an owl is "une chouette". I don't know why but it is a feminin word. So I never know what to sy in English...


I love owls, they look so cute and they have exactly the same round eyes as my cat Rosie !

BTW I didn't buy any shoes, I only buy shoes when I need a pair not to run around barefoot ! lol !


Oh happy day! don't you love it when something good happens.
Your time was not wasted Sallie!
Happy journeys ~:)


NICE! I'd say it was well worth the confusion to to find this amazing owl and to take such beautiful photos of it.


Beautiful Owl.


What a cutie! I remember a bunch of these in a field near a church in Pembroke Pines. Unfortunately, with all the construction, they get driven out of their homes too often.

Speaking of driving: Be careful and best wishes. We'd love to be headed to Colorado, too, as our eldest daughter lives there, but can't do it now. Enjoy!

Mama Zen

These are so awesome!


Fabulous photos, Sallie :) The owl is so sweet!


I love the mermaid show. And that owl...just adorable!. I hope your trip is perfect!


Sharon Wagner

I love that when that happens.


Fantastic photos, amazing bird:) Greetings


Fabulous shots of the adorable owl!


Whoa! Awesome shots! So worth the inconvenience, right? That last shot is simply spectacular.

Rainfield (雨田 Malaysia)

But I have never gotten any owl in my camera.

I stora drag

Completely adorable photos of the owl in the city!
Sorry, you have to drove around, but maybe it was worth it seeing this beauty!
Greetings Pia

Prairie Birder

Wonderful photos, it's so nice the owls get the protection they need.

Carole M.

how beautiful - at least it helped to soften the blow looking for your destination


Fortune smiled on you. It is often a hard road to attain a great goal. Now if they had not moved, you would have got away on time but without the owl or adventure to make this a memorable trip. Good shooting too.


The Burrowing Owl is an endangered species here in the Similkameen - lovely picture of him looking very wise and smug.


How adorable! I love his gaze - so piercing. You captured him beautifully :)


What an adorable little owl.


Soooo cute


Your owl certainly hast he big bug eyes.

Beverly Saltonstall

What you didn't realize that in addition to 10th Street, a "10th Circle, a 10th Plaza, and a 10th Place.." there probably is
1. a Southeast 10th Street, a 10th Circle, a 10th Plaza, and a 10th Place,
2. a South west10th Street, a 10th Circle, a 10th Plaza, and a 10th Place..
3. a Northeast 10th Street, a 10th Circle, a 10th Plaza, and a 10th Place and
4. a Northwest 10th Street, a 10th Circle, a 10th Plaza, and a 10th Place..
That's why most of us stay sober!!! LOL


Adorable, those are the BEST burrowing owl photos Ive ever seen!!!!!!!


Great shots of the burrowing owls. I've never photographed an owl although I've seen a few and one used to hunt in my back yard.

Jen Harris

Love it when a good bird sighting perks up a day like that! Great shots!


That is a cute owl. I wonder if they get big enough to carry off cats like some of the ones around here...


He is perfect. bad news about the confusing address.


What a lovely little Owl... love your images Sallie.
Hugs Drew xx

NatureFootstep Photo

wow, that owl ha really long legs. :) Nice to see your shots and to read about it. Thanks for sharing.


And you got great photos too. I'm almost glad for the confusion. Our cable guys come tomorrow - I'm hoping they don't make a bigger problem with the Internet than we already have!


Great photos of the owl but how confusing and frustrating for the company not to be more precise with their new address.


Great shots of an interesting bird.

Crafty Gardener

What an amazing sighting, made it worth while finding the cable company.


They are so cute, Cape Coral was where I saw my first Burrowing Owl! Great owl sighting , Sallie! I love the photos!

Boom & Gary

Wow!! Great shots. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


He is so cute! I am so envious! :)
Definitely worth your late getaway.


Oh how sweet! I think the detours were worth it!


he or she is SO CUTE!! that would have made my frustration disappear. :)

Dina J

So cute! Worth the drive around. I need to get down there to see them.


The photos are almost worth the delay! Travel happily.

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