June 04, 2013



Nice! I'm not sure if there are any Ibis out here. I've watched mockingbirds harass hawks while they are soaring around looking for prey. Crows do the same thing. I'm always surprised that the hawks don't attack them. Instead, they seem not to care.

Reader Wil

How wonderful to see such a lot of ibis together. I have never seen so many together. Your wildlife is so much more interesting than ours. Thanks for shatring.


Sallie ich glaube ich würde bei dir nur mit dem Fotoapparat umherrennen
einfach toll was man bei dir alles bewundern kann.
LG vom katerchen


Love the birds

I stora drag

Hi again Sallie!
I'm so glad I was the first one showing you the Gulls small babies! Very nice to know.
You mentioned grebe, and I know the babies ride on the back of their mother, but my pictures wasn't on grebes. It was the Common Goldeneye who had the 12 babies.

Thanks so much for your, always so nice comments!
Greetings Pia

Rainfield (雨田 Malaysia)

That is not much traffic in the park.

Do you mean they do not need traffic light for the moment?

Lady Fi

What lovely shots. Wonderful to see those ibis out for a walk.

Jenn Jilks

This is a great time of year, when birds are hungry, feeding young, nesting, singing and on the move!

Mary Howell Cromer

You got some wonderful images share here, and those Ibis are such great characters. Thank you so very much for your kindness always in my direction. I am so slow to get back, but know that I always appreciate your words~


Great post Sallie, - love the Ibis. - so at home trekking down the road.


What best can you expect on a lovely morning walk other than these beautiful birds....


The ibis look like old, stiff men. They seem so wise !


We don't have Ibis around here. Although, I did just see some at the zoo yesterday. Such a fun looking bird.

Kenneth Cole Schneider

Very nice yard birds. That may be a Red-tailed Hawk-- we see a few here in South Florida.


The Yardbirds were a great group. *smiles* These are wonderful. That certainly was a bold mockingbird to sit so close to that hawk. I've actually seen birds band together and chase a hawk away. Nature is so exciting, isn't it?


Fantastic photographs, hawk looks miraculously:) Greetings

Pia, Sweden

Hi, me again!
Now I know, they are called Damselfly.

Pia, Sweden

So nice to see those ibis walking round like that! :)
They are so beautiful!
Fine pictures of the hawk too, good the mockingbird made it without being food for the hawk.

Yes, it was a dragonfly, a smaller one, don't what you call them? And if you have them in your place, they are very tiny ones. :)
Have a nice week, Sallie! Greetings Pia


I love the Ibis, they are cool yard birds. The hawk is great too, just not for your little birds. Have a happy day!

Stewart M

I wonder who really owns that place!!

The bottle brush plants were in a garden of a house on the vineyard.

Cheers - Stewart M -and thanks for linking to WBW

Hazel UK

A magical scene every day for you , lovely!

NatureFootstep Photo

the Ibis is such a cool bird. I wish we had birds like that. But they don´t like it here.

Re the dark dream image. I was quite surprised by how it turned out to be. It is a dry pupa from where a dragonfly emerged. But I use it as an abstract so knowing the fact is not really needed. It is about the feeling of a dark future somehow.

ann nz

In Australia, Ibises are considered rubbish birds.


Those ibis seem to have 'taken back their streets'. It gave you a wonderful photo op.
I sure wish a hawk would be so kind to stay still for me for awhile. In the first shot the hawk and mockingbird seem to be having a conversation and then the hawk hangs his head before leaving. Wonder what they little mocker said? :)
Wonderful shots!

Karen, Pixel Posts

How delightful to see those birds walking down the street! That's a brave little mockingbird!


Fantastic shots of the birds. You get to photograph such an interesting variety.


such a cute ibis parade!


It's funny to see them walking across the street, lovely series of shots.


Love the Ibises. We had a bunch of them roosting in our oak trees a few years back. They're so funny.

Thanks for coming by our L & L Photography blog!

And yes, that pic was taken in Woodbury, Minnesota. I remember being quite startled when I saw it!


A great series - and so interesting that the birds change their habits when most of the human inhabitants of the park move on.

Brian King

It must be nice to have those kinds of birds in your yard! :-) Love the hawk!


Very nice photos love the hawk.

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