June 01, 2013



So beautiful blossoms! Great shots!!!


They are beautiful, but the color of that petunia is amazing! Fantastic photos Sallie!


I still miss the lilacs, violets and daffodils and other northern flowers but enjoy what year around southern living has to offer.


So pretty! I had no idea that petunias grew wild. So much to learn! I miss the Indian blanket flowers on Texas roadsides. They are so colorful. Beautiful flowers, Sallie!

orchid Miyako

Dearest Sallie,
Wow, how beautiful these flowers are with gorgeous color♡♡♡ I especially like the blurry back which makes the flower look wonderful♬♬♬ If I can find time, I wish to try the link someday, my friend.
Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

Stewart M

Great flowers - I think the 1st June = 1st day of winter may just be convenient!

Stewart M - Melbourne

PS: there's a new wordy blog if you have 10 minutes


Great colors that you captured! Subtle has its place, but not for these great flowers!


Beautiful set flower shots Sallie.


They are all beautiful, but I like the petunia best.



Those are beautiful flowers. Blanket flowers grow here in the summer and sometimes self seed. Petunias have to be planted as annuals where I live. These are all lovely shots.


We are growing Indian Blankets for the first time and they are quickly becoming a favorite. A very beautiful series :-)


Excellent color!! I love the blanket flowers, we dont have many around here but I know one spot where I can usually find one or two!!


Those colors are so bright and happy! Just looking at them makes me smile. :)



Laura Hegfield

Oh Sallie, you are certainly as professional as I am when it comes to macros... I don't know what I'm doing, I just trust my intuition and hope that at least one photo will come out ok, a few more if I'm lucky:-)

NatureFootstep Photo

I love the colors in the first flower. It is like life in a way. :)

Thanks for all your great comments. Always appreciated. .)


Beauty is everywhere Sallie, - these are lovely. I have a clematis to match, just beginning to look spectacular.

A Wondering Star

What a beautiful series of images!

Laura Hegfield

so beautiful Sallie, thank you for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro:-)


Those definitely have a tropical look to these eyes. Nice captures!

Lavender Cottage

Very pretty. I like the different flowers of Florida too when we visit.


Sallie, beautiful flowers. I love all the colors. Have a happy Sunday!


These are truly spectacular if not brash flowers, just like living in a warm climate.


I love the petunia.


Beautiful pictures! The first one looks like a postcard.

Lady Fi

These flowers really pop! How lovely.


Perhaps not subtle colors but so beautiful flowers ! Thanks, Sallie !


Lovely Sallie!
That red one is really gorgeous!

M. J. Joachim

They're so pretty!


Sallie, these are stunning photos and thank you for sharing such beautiful flowers with Today's Flowers :)

Today’s Flowers
An English Girl Rambles


These flowers are really beautiful!


those are really pretty.

but i will always miss lilacs. :)

Sally in WA

You have some real beauties there! I hope they smell as lovely as they look.


Theser are all lovely. I like the red shade of that second picture. I hope this flower will stick around for long

Karen, Pixel Posts

Love the gaudy blooms, especially the Indian Blanket!

Lavender Dreams

What gorgeous flowers....love the bright colors! Enjoy your weekend my friend!

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