June 06, 2013



Nice photos! As you know, we don't get much rain out here. Storms like those in Florida would cause chaos out here.


All these skies are a little frightening, aren't they ? And the word "storm", not a good one. I hope that all is more peaceful now !

Red Nomad OZ

But think of how dull the sunsets would be without cloud!!! Have a great weekend!!

Maria @ LSS

Beautiful shots. The linky for OYGIF is now open. Hope you could also join the meme.

Heather L

You captured some great cloud photos. We've had wet, dreary weather here all week, but thankfully no tropical storm!


I was wondering if you were still there or not. I heard it could be as much as ten inches.


Lovely shots! I love how the sun is peeking over the tree in the third photo. Y'all stay safe. I hear Andrea is moving into other areas soon.


Its getting rainy just as we are headed down to Gulf Shores, Alabama. We'll be close to Florida and it looks like we'll be getting a little weather while we are down there. Oh well.


On an artistic point of view these skies are so beautful ! But to "normal" people they look rather scary !


das sind Farben..wunderschön
LG vom katerchen

Lady Fi

The rain and storm makes for wonderfully moody skies!


Beautiful sky shots, just in love with that third pic...


I too wish to get some rain here! Those are real golden skies even if for two minutes1


I wish we'd get some real rain here - good luck with the storm.


These are all gorgeous shots.

Laura Hegfield

gorgeous skies Sallie! Thanks for the congrats:-)

Explore Colorado

Either way, you caught a beautiful sunset. happy swf.

Karen, Pixel Posts

Oh gosh Sallie, who would think that such gorgeous skies could bring treacherous weather. Stay safe!

NatureFootstep Photo

sometimes I like the rainy days. Then things start to happen at home. Suddenly a lot of things gets done. :)


It is very rainy here...


Lovely dramatic sky pics. It is good to be out of drought but tropical storms can be scary. We have just returned from the tropical north but it is the dry season there at the moment. Not many people go there in summer's wet season.


You got some glorious photos of those moody skies!


Lovley shots Sallie, rain is good.


Well, you celebrate the sunset when you have it...and share it with your friends--which you did!

Photo Cache

I love rain too, that is until it rains continuously for days then I change my tune. But it's always nice to experience the season the first time.


It is nice when the drought breaks. We had one of the longest droughts in living memory a few years back and it was wonderful when the rain returned.

Joe Todd

Rain in Ohio today.. Neat photos


Dramatic skies, lovely colors and terrific captures for the day, Sallie! Hope you have a great weekend!!

Peter Rainville

Hi Mom,
I think we sent you our rain and vice-versa.


Beautiful sky colors!


Tara R.

Hope this storm doesn't bring too much rain, only spectacular skies. Beautiful photos.


What a sky! Fantastic shots! The colors are admireable.


You're so funny. A little rain is good for you and if in a drought, a lot of rain is better! :) You could stay in and watch old movies or play poker or drink wine or...well, you know...

Thanks for your nice comments today. I don't think a hurricane will bother the new Cedar Key pier...it is really solid...they went down a long way with the pilings. We're getting rain and some wind but no biggie and I think this TD will blow right by you today. The worst thing is when we get tornado threats...that I really don't like!

Plus you know what they say about Florida - if you don't like the weather, wait a minute, it'll change!

Mary Ellen

How high is the water at the docks? Post photos please.

Hazel UK

Hope you are safe-and away soon!


Now I'm really really sorry I did that rain-dance a couple weeks ago!
We have the same weather over here on the east coast.
My fisherman went fishing this morning then I heard a tornado warning and call to tell him to skedaddle home.

Be safe Sallie!


You did capture some dramatic skies, I hope the storm is not bad and you stay safe there! Happy Skywatching!


just be safe!

lovely shots, though.

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