June 12, 2013



I would not like at all to see an alligator in my back yard !
I wish you an happy and save trip to the north and hope with you the charming rabbits will protect the cottage !

Sharon Wagner

Those rabbits have a big job. Trying to eat your canal house. Opps, I mean take care of your house. After the rabbits ate most of our raspberry plants this winter my husband doesn't like them very much. But I always enjoy seeing them. And there are a lot of them to see!

I stora drag

Wish you happy and safe travels! The bunnies are sweet and the third photo is so good! The alligator, hmm, not so sweet I think.

Thanks Sallie for your nice comments! I don't do anything special with those dragonflies or damselflies, you just have to be patient and wait! Sometimes they sit still you know! :)


Wow, great photos of the alligator, and the rabbits are so cute!
Have a safe trip :)


The rabbits are so cute. Safe travels!


Wonderful shots. Very cute hare.


I would be a bit scared if I had alligators in my backward. Nice clicks!


I thought you are from Louisiana when I saw those crocodiles or alligator...I could never tell the difference.

Lovely capture.

Martha Z

I sure don't count on rabbits to protect my home, devour the garden is more their style. They are not as bad as the deer, though.


The alligator pictures are great ! Love the little rabbit !


Beautiful photographs, fantastic balance sheet: the hare and the crocodile:) Greetings

orchid Miyako

Dearelst Sallie,
OMG, alligators!!! Sure they will scare the bad luck away and secretly I wish I could see them with my own eyes, haha. I LOVE bunnies♬♬♬ Wishing all the best and safe trip for summer♡♡♡

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


Best wishes as you take off on your travels. You might want to warn the bunnies that an alligator lurks in the water, though... :)

I rather like bunnies, unless I'm trying to grow a garden. Just a few minutes ago, Lois asked me to look outside our front window and sure enough there was a wee cottontail having a great time in our bushes. Maybe it was one of yours that hit the road north, too?

Take good care.

Lady Fi

Both visitors are wonderful in their own way. Enjoy your trip!

Colin Huggins

Enjoy your northern trip for the summer months.
I think with that lurking alligator will be a good "guard" for your home in Florida. Not too sure about the bunnies.


Lucinda thinks her relatives will be fine caretakers of your property - however, knowing Lucinda, she may have invited the alligator! Safe trip, Sallie. Enjoy your travels.

ann nz

In New Zealand, Farmers don't like rabbits.


sigh, smile and a toodle-loo ~:)


I hope you have a good trip north for the summer. The rabbits are taking over my place and I'm still here. I enjoyed these shots.


Your rabbit photos look like paintings or story book illustrations...lovely....and the gator must have created some excitement there!

Jenn Jilks

I adore your critters. They couldn't be any more different!


Rabbits are cute but a pest on Oz. The gater shots are great. Have a safe trip and hope the cyclones stay away from Florida.

Rainfield (雨田 Malaysia)

Happy travel.

And enjoy every moment.


Great photos, Sallie - especially that "hair" raising rabbit scaring bad luck away.

Safe travel.


Have a wonderful trip!


Sallie das Tierchen im Wasser ist nicht so mein Ding :( die Häschen mag ich schon eher

LG vom katerchen

NatureFootstep Photo

love the rabbits but can do without crocks. I think they are boring. :)


Enjoy your trip! Rabbits can generally be relied on to look after things!


Those bunnies look like they are discussing their new duties. :)
Happy Trails Sallie! You and your dear Hubby stay safe.

Catch you later alligator! ( I had to say it. ) :)


I'm sure they all will be great guards for your cottage! Have fun and take a lot of pictures.


gator near your dock? Sounds scary, but those bunnies are so cute...


Interesting combination of security guards. Safe travels.

Mama Zen

Travel safe!


Let's hope the visitors don't cross paths! Enjoy your trip and looking forward to some photos!


Such cute critters to watch over your lovely canael cottage.. Happy journeys, be safe out there!
Hugs and smiles across the miles ~:)

Karen, Pixel Posts

Love the bunnies. Have a safe trip!


oh, love the reflections around mr. gator! hope he doesn't catch mr rabbit trying to take a sip! :)

happy travels to you!


The bunny and gator will both be good guardians ! Happy and safe travels home!


Wishing you safe travel and fabulous photo ops!

Margaret Perrottet

Hope you enjoy your summer travels, Sally. I look forward to your posts while you're on the road.

Hazel UK

happy & safe travels! I look forward to the next chapters!!

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