July 08, 2013



This is sad... I also saw many like this in Michigan & even NY. :(

Joe Todd

Sad but makes for neat photos

shooting star

lovely images..whenever i see abandoned houses, i ask myself what would have been the reason...it takes so much of emotional and phyical effort to build a home..and then to abandon it and move...


NatureFootstep Birds

it is so sad to see it spoiled like this. Somebody lived there once. Hopefully had a good life.


It really is heart-wrenching to see abandoned houses. Excellent photos. There's a poem you might like to read about this subject called Abandoned Farmhouse by Ted Kooser:



You have now given the old and abandon a renewed life on the world-wide web, Sallie-
and the remaining yellow roses are a symbol of everlasting friendship.

Have a happy and safe journey my blog friend ~:)


Fantastic photographs, you are able to discover unusual images:) Greetings

I stora drag

I like to look at old houses when we are out driving.
As you say, it's a bit sad to see those houses, but also intresting.
Thanks dear Sallie for your nice thoughts!
Greetings Pia


Nice drive-by series, Sallie! We see a lot of abandoned homesteads around here, too. Very sad as you can tell some were really quite something at one time.


I truly enjoyed my visit and seeing the old home sites. I have always felt sad when I saw one. Why not remove it instead of letting it rot away. Each and everyone holds so many memories if only the walls could talk.


Sometimes, drive-by photos is all you have time for. It doesn't matter if I'm the driver or passenger, I almost always have a camera on my lap. You just never know what you are going to see.
Places like these fill me up with questions! Who, when and why? I love these photos...


Back again to answer your question about the raccoons. I have seen them eat, I think that's why I think they are so fascinating, and like you I do love them. I know they can be pests and maybe I would think differently if I had a lot of problems in the past, but right now it's such a rare sight that I see them, I can't help but get excited when I see them.


These are all lovely photos and looks like we might be traveling your route on a planned road trip next month. Have a lot of family commitments before we can take off but I am so looking forward to heading out :) Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment. Have a great week :)


I always used to love taking the "back roads" when travelling and seeing the real countryside


Back roads are the way to travel if one can do it. And I love these old, abandoned buildings. They're great to photograph but my problem is I want to stop and inspect them up close. I'd also like to dig around the property as I can guarantee you there are many cool artifacts and relics buried in the ground!

Lady Fi

So sad - yet there is a faded beauty there too.


Most people feel the same. Sadness. Why did the homes become abandoned? is always the question in my mind. If only the walls could talk.


These abandonned farms and cabins tall us always a story. I hope with you that the owners left them for a nicest place but...

orchid Miyako

Dearest Sallie,
I loved the way you said that "We like looking at fields and farms and small towns"♡♡♡ Isn't that great to enjoy these along the way! Thank you so much for sharing these  homesteads (this is the word I learned through blogging, haha). For me, they are really interesting and different from ours.
I feel the same way 'poignant' thinking or imagining that the house used to be someone's "home sweet home". Lovely roses aren't they♬♬♬
Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


Wow ! that would have been something for me to see all these abandonned houses and imagine people who lived there and built it !

Reader Wil

Very intriguing post, Sally. I should also like to know who lived in those houses and what happened to them. May be there is a secret diary hidden anywhere in the empty cupboards.
Thanks for your visit. Yes the Tower of London is a building that houses the history of Britain from William the Conqueror till now. It has seen many executions and historical events.
A most interesting building. If the raven of the Tower could speak....
Have a great week, Sally.

Karen, Pixel Posts

I often wonder the reason for abandonment. Many stories I expect.

Clair Z.

I always think of all the work that went into these old houses. So sad.




Incredible story in these images.


I love that last home, I bet it had a great view from that hillside. I always wonder what stories an abandoned building could tell.


I love the back roads, too, and enjoy imagining the stories behind the empty houses and farms. I enjoyed your photos.

Jenn Jilks

I love drive-by shootings! Much fun!


It does make you wish that the buildings could talk.... Michelle


Are you thinking of buying a fixer-uper, Sallie? After I'm gone, I wonder if my gardens will just keep on reseeding and blooming. I hope so!


How sad to have a lifeless home.


It is nice taking the back roads across the country. So much of the USA to see. The yellow roses are beautiful. Thanks for sharing, have a happy week!

Photo Cache

that last house may have held a thousand laughters in the past.


Like you we never take the interstate. We love to look at fields and ranches and buildings...they tell some many stories for lives lived or still living.

Like you I hope those abandoned are not because of sad and hard times.



Someone, did, indeed, love that home of roses. I always find these homesteads sad and wonder at their past lives. You do them honor to photograph and share them with us. Thank you, Sallie.

Randi, Sweden

Your photos tell a sad story...I always feel melancholy, when I visit places like this.


I hope the people moved under pleasant circumstances too. There is something very appealing to me about the abandoned homesteads and barns. Always makes me want to repair and move in.


I think that, sadly, we're seeing more and more sights like this all over the country.

Boom & Gary

There are abandoned communities here usually the result of failed mines. They offer up great opportunities for the mind to build stories.Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


when i see the decrepit homesteads with roses or irises growing out front, i always feel melancholy, too. :(

sweet shots, though!

Patty Hartley

Gosh that makes me sad, but love your post anyway!

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