July 03, 2013



So beautiful vistas here Sallie. I will put this place on my list. :) Thanks for sharing.

Joe Todd

I'm out of breath looking at your great photos


What amazing vistas! I've never been on Pike's Peak.
Thanks for the info!

Clair Z.

I learned a lot from this post. So interesting that at 14,000+ feet there is only 60% of the oxygen available at sea level. No wonder I got sick the first time I went to Santa Fe, which is only half the altitude.

I kept thinking of phrases from America the Beautiful on our recent road trip, especially when we were in Colorado.


Glad it was you up there and not me. I would have to have carried my personal oxygen bottle or passed out . . . Great views though. I love driving mountain roads, always a new view around the corner.


Glorious, in every way. Thank you for re-posting; and you should repost every fourth!


You open my eyes to some incredibly beautiful sights!


I love seeing photos of my favorite mountain. I've driven up it several times, ridden the cog, and hiked all the way up Barr Trail. Now I want to go to the top again!

orchid Miyako

Dearest Sallie,
So sorrry for my belated "Happy Independence day". Ours are Feb,11th and to do with old book and Emperor; not know in detail p;)
Beautiful pictures of Pike's Peak♡♡♡ Never done hicking to the real mountain, must have been really refreshing♬♬♬

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

JM Illinois

My dad went to the top of Pike's Peak but I haven't been yet. Running out of time...not sure I will be able to visit. Thanks for posting this photograph so now I don't have to imagine what it looks like.
JM Illinois


We've been up the Peak a couple of times. The drive up is really something else! We rode the cog train once and it was a hoot. Our daughter hiked it, then rode down on the train. All in all it is an experience everyone needs to have at least once in their life!


Emille (Jesh StG)

Had to forego on a trip to Pike's Peak a few years ago, because we didn't have any sweaters or coats with us (that happens when you by Californian weather when packing!). Seeing your pics, we missed something beautiful! Thank you for sharing this informative post.

Hope you had a happy 4th, Sally!


an anniversary is on the horizon!
these are stunning views.


I am in awe of the awesome views you captures Sallie- thanks for teaching me something new today!


As I'm scared of heights I suppose that this road isn't for me... But what a wonderful view, above !


Stunning sequence of shots and very interesting information. I hope you had a happy independence day.


Gorgeous views, Sallie! It looks like a place floating in the clouds, truly a place after my heart. Many thanks for taking me there.


Oh the memories! Your photos are very similar to the ones we took a few years ago. We didn't drive up, though; we took the train, which was quite a trip. (I don't like heights, although I did OK once we got up there!). Beautiful place. And I hope you have a wonderful 4th celebration!


Nice post, I rode up the railroad a few years ago and their was no air. Couldn't wait for the ride down.


What an awesome post, Sallie! Superb captures and what incredible views!! You've got it all today, that's for certain!! Hope your holiday is going well, have a good weekend, too!


Beautiful landscapes. Wish you Happy Independence day.

Sally in WA

Great post, Sallie! Hope you are having a wonderful Fourth!

Lady Fi

What majestic views!


Beautiful mountain scenery, Sallie! Happy 4th of July!


incredible vistas - even on low oxygen levels!

Gemma Wiseman

What spectacular mountain views! Love those low hanging clouds adding some mystery to the beauty! A great place to feel inspired!


Fantastic photos and views of a stunning landscape!Great shots!


Lovely idea, lovely photos, lovely pictorial. Thank you. Happy 4th of July.

Karen, Pixel Posts

Wow, beautiful indeed!


I was surprised to learn that this isn't a national park - it is a name that is etched in our brains and seems like it would be.

Photo Cache

so perfect for the 4th~! America is indeed beautiful.


Wow, such incredible scenery!!! Great photos and a lovely post. Happy 4th July!
An English Girl Rambles


Terrific scenery.


spectacular tribute to my favorite patriotic song!

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