July 14, 2013



There's quite a bit about glass art in the book The Lake of Dreams by Kim Edwards. I think you'd like the book anyway.

Lavender Dreams

I have kept your post open for a few days now. I am in awe of this gorgeous glass! I've never seen anything like it and would love to see it in person! Enjoy your evening my friend!


Wow, what amazing and colourful glass art! Loved seing the photos :)

Rainfield (雨田 Malaysia)

Living in a colourful world.

Jenn Jilks

How glorious!


Fantastic photos, beautiful work, fantastic reportage :) Regards

Clair Z.

Gorgeous stuff! We saw a lot of contemporary glass work during our recent trip to Tacoma. I'll be blogging about it, too. It's an amazing experience to watch these people at work. Thank you for sharing.


This is so interesting, I would love to take the tour someday. The glass pieces are all exquisite, no wonder so much of hard work goes in its making. Your souvenir is lovely and a great way indeed to keep all the wonderful memories alive.


It is amazing to watch glass blowers. These are beautiful pieces and we can hopefully see your new bowl in the future.


These people are artists! I've seen glass-blowers before and they're always great fun to watch as they mold their creations!

I posted some glass on our Images blog a day or two ago...http://images-amomentintime.blogspot.com.

Hope you're having fun!


What beautiful glasswork! It's amazing to see what comes out of the molten glass, isn't it? We've been to a couple of places like to this to watch the skilled craftsmen work and I can't believe how they make it look so easy to shape the wet, hot mass into something fantastic!

Thanks for the book recommendation on my post! Sounds good and I'll add it to my list. Oh, and BTW, I brought about 100 paperbacks with me on the road, weight be damned! LOL


That's interesting to see, I saw it in Venice !

orchid miyako

Dearest Salie,
Oh, I've only seen on TV how the craftsman work with them. It sure must be wonderful to see how the glass changes shapes and colors with high temperature☆☆☆ I would collect glass work if I had space in my housep;)
I'm really happy for your wonderful trip to Colorad, my dear friend♪
Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


Wow! It s glorious to see men create amazing artifacts!


Oh yes, definitely glorious! Great photos Sallie :)


its all fab!!! I would have a hard time making a choice...which one did you get?


It's been many years since I've been to Estes Park, but I'll have to visit that store if I'm there again.


That glass blower seems very talented looking at all that beautiful glasswork on show. Now you will always remember the experience everytime you look at your special piece of glassware.

NatureFootstep Photo

I see a piece I would love to buy. The one that´s looking like an eye in the center. :)


The glass work is very colorful and beatuful. I would have spent too much money there:) Interesting to learn that the columbine flowers are the official State flower of Colorado:) Thanks for telling me.

Randi, Sweden

Beautiful captures of the art-glass! The colors of the objects are so rich!


What a great post for the day!! I, too, love glass work! Wonderful place to spend some time -- an money, too, I'm sure!!! Have a great week!!


Great post. I love glass work and this looks like someplace I'd enjoy.

Reader Wil

How very delicate and exquisit! Thank you for sharing these beautiful objects to us! It must have been delightful to see the artist at work.


Beautiful creations. This is a wonderful experience.


Wow! Such beauty. Great photos of it all!

There is a fantastic annual summer long art festival going on in our area right now. It's called the Sawdust Festival and takes place in Laguna Beach (in Laguna Canyon). They have several glass artists represented and it's a good place for them to sell their work. Have you ever gone to it when you are down here?


Oh my, what beautiful glassware. I have watched programs on TV featuring glass blowers, and they are quite fantastic. It would be wonderful to watch in person.

Lisa Hermanson

What a fascinating and exciting process,
with such incredible results.

Debra @ Homespun

What a a treat to see! So beautiful !


A beautiful and difficult job !

Sharon Wagner

Fun post!

Lady Fi

What beautiful pieces of art!

Stewart M

I had a friend at college who did a lot of work with glass - we lost touch - and this makes me wonder what he is doing these days.

Cheers - Stewart M


The stuff there is beautiful. I could watch them for hours blowing glass. The one you have chosen is neat.


What lovely work-and photos. My favourite is on the top, right photo!


What a great shop - our nephew and family are visiting us this week and will head to Estes afterwards. I'm going to give him the heads up. Great photos, too, Sallie.


I love watching glass workers - such skill and dedication to work in the hot conditions. Beautiful mosaic of the glass pieces.


I love the bowl


Glad you enjoyed that stop!
I love seeing Dad get so intense when he's watching craftsmen at work. You can tell he's just absorbing their techniques, and thinking about building his own glass oven in the backyard.

That business is open year round, and it's a very nice place to visit in winter -- Estes gets downright chilly, even by Colorado standards, and to walk down main street and finish up in that warm studio is fun.

A Garden of Threads

A beautiful treasure from your trip. They look so pretty.


they've really got to love what they do to stand in front of that furnace! beautiful creations!

Mary Howell Cromer

Awe, this makes me happy/sad... My neighbor worked for Glassworks here in KY for 9 years and they recently had to shut down after many years in business. I loved going there so much. Estes Park is a place that we enjoy visiting, and so just maybe now, one day soon, maybe next year, we can visit there. Thank you so much for sharing this~

patty hartley

you make me feel like I'm traveling with you. beautiful works! can't wait to see what you have chosen for Florida.


What a neat shop, cool to be able to watch the artist at work. I love all the pretty colorful glass pieces. It is wonderful to bring home a memory from your trip! Have a happy week, Sallie!

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