July 02, 2013



Love these guys! I don't see them out here, but I believe they are around...

Clair Z.

What wonderful things you're seeing on this trip!


You're seeing some wonderful parts of this great country!
Love the young Robin! We don't get to see the babies here in central Florida as they typically only pass through during migration.

Thank you so much for sharing your journey!


Robins are my favorite birds. They are so beautiful and proud and down-to-earth.


That's one heck of a long road-trek you two take every year!
Robins use to stop by our yard during their winter migration, but we haven't seen them in years.


Your robins are not ours i Years ago, I remember to stop in a very nice campground in Montpellier, but i'm not able to say if it was in Idaho or not. I remember particularly the charming showers...

NatureFootstep Birds

how lovely. Such a good place to spend an evening and a night. Can see that you loved it.


We see Robins here in SC but more in early spirng than any other time..they are normally in large flocks. I love the Whinny sound they make!


Get capture! I love robins also!


Kenneth Cole Schneider

The photo of the stream is great, especially in the large view. Yes, some winters we do not see robins at all in south Florida. When we do they are often in large flocks eating berries in the trees and do not forage on the suburban lawns as is so common up north.

Sharon Wagner

I like the word fledged. It sounds like they leave the nest with a gold star.


Great shots. I love seeing the young robins. I didn't know there was a Montpelier, Idaho. My daughter took a course at Montpellier in France.


Such cute pictures !


Wonderful pictures, Sallie. We have a couple of backyard Robins that are quite tame and hang around even when I am cutting lawns. Nice company....


I always find it a treat to see a robin! Thanks for the diary of photos!

Rainfield (雨田 Malaysia)

They are not common to me too.

And I enjoy seeing them.


We take our robins for granted here in Illinois, Sallie, but, I still get excited when I see the nestlings and love to watch the robins, politely taking turns, in the birdbaths.

Stewart M

Nice pictures - you dont have to be rare to be good looking.

Thanks for the link to WBW.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


We've seen a few robins in Ocala, but not many. Don't know why. Your post brought back some memories...in the mid-40's (I was younger then), my mother drove a 1946 Ford from Minnesota to California with my aunt, cousin and myself riding along...I remember one area of Wyoming which was desolate...no towns or gas stations...we kept driving...got scary...finally found a small town with a crumby little motel. By that time it was late at night and we just collapsed. In the morning, we looked around and were appalled at where we'd spent the night!

Name katerchen

das habe ich bei den kleinen Spatzen gesehen..die betteln auch JEDEN an
LG vom katerchen der DANKE für diese schönen Bilder sagt

Prairie Birder

Great photos of an adult and immature American Robins!

Lady Fi

Sounds heavenly!


so cute. we only see them passing thru in migration.

Karen, Pixel Posts

I love the fledglings, they are so cute. Nice shots!

Brian King

They are very common here and I guess when that's the case you don't think of them being a big deal for other people. Love the youngster!


Cute shots of the baby robin, Sallie! I thought the Robins were seen all over the states, maybe not? Great set!

Frank (The Early Birder)

Love images Sallie. Far too many common birds are no longer common ... so very true.


A wonderful post Sallie and your images are fantastic...


A lovey set of photos and great text


Great photos of the robins and I can just imagine those young ones screaming to be fed. You have a very interesting life living in such different places.

Boom & Gary

Nice captures!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

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