July 10, 2013



I have no idea, but it sure is a great and creative name! Nice find Sallie.




Sallie bunte Hunde gibt es öfter..aber GRÜNE..sicher NIE
LG vom katerchen


That made me go huh too. I'm trying to figure out if it refers to an environmentally sound dog wash but if so I still can't figure it out and am left going huh.


We always washed our 'green' dog at home, - it was pretty apparent what he had been in to....

Crafty Gardener

Wonder if they wash other colours of dogs???
interesting sign


Makes you think and wonder, I suppose that is what they want.


Whatever the establishment, it sure is a clever name! Look at all the comments! ;)


Dirty ones, probably but green ones... In France too all is "green", now !


Makes me smile!I take it they use natural shampoos etc????

Clair Z.

Made me laugh!


I assume the dog owners are green with envy.

Red Nomad OZ

HAhaha!! Does 'green' perhaps mean eco-friendly in this context?? Or do you have a plague of green dogs the world needs to know about?!?!?!

I stora drag

Ha ha, that was a funny sign!

So good you recognize "our swedish" birds from my pictures!
Greetings Pia


Great photo,Sallie!


Sallie, I adore your sense of humor- laughing out loud ~:>)


I always thought a coin operated dog wash would catch on!! Maybe my way to make a million..I think it means the owner's name is GREEN!


I have not seen a green dog maybe one died green in color for St Patricks day. Or it implies that the owner operates a "green"business.

Karen, Pixel Posts

Cool sign, cool place, cool concept!

Gemma Wiseman

Hmmm Think the owner was trying to be clever, but maybe too clever! Maybe the owner wanted to suggest that it was an environmentally friendly operation! But somehow that idea gets lost in translation!

Taken For Granted

Not many green dogs, but there are lots of yellow dogs. Are they also welcome? I wonder.


Oops, I goofed. The owner's name isn't Green. Sheesh. Then it would be "Green's Dog Wash."

And the picture is of a green dog.

It's a conundrum!


It's a great shot ... sure makes you wonder, though. The owners could be Irish, of course. Maybe they're only open on St. Patrick's day?

But my best guess is that the owner's name is Green.

Thanks for your nice comments today. Good to hear from you and I'm glad you're enjoying your travels. It's hot here in Ocala, but bearable.


Fabulous, Sallie! Next will be brown dog wash, then .... ;-)


It's actually in Boulder, not Longmont. Boulder is sort of like Eugene, Oregon: it has to be "green" or it just won't fly.

Except restaurants. They need to be "local"

We have Yoga studios that advertise using recycled mats.


ha ha. and i wonder what would make it 'green'. recycled water? bio-soaps only? hmmm...


brilliant find

Photo Cache

what is this store? is this a pet store, or a groomer?


So many questions~
Great find!

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