July 26, 2013



Oh, I love the photo of the small houses. Look so rural.


It is wonderful to see the views that you saw. Valerie

Mary Howell Cromer

Very pretty place. We will travel through Idaho ths October and I am looking forward to that~


I'm interested in those houses - the one up the hill and the one by the road. Are they typical of Idaho? About the only thing I know of that state is from Mary Jane's Farm - http://www.maryjanesfarm.org/


Beautiful place with so many different wild lowers.


Our prettiest wildflowers are gone by this time of year here in Southern California. But, I'm headed to Idaho next week! Maybe I'll see some of this beauty. Headed to McCall.

Life Images by Jill

thank you so much for taking us to Idaho to see the wildflowers - I love seeing wildflowers from other countries, so different to ours.
Have a wonderful week and thank you for stopping by my blog today.


I only know northern Idaho, close to the Canadian border, but it is a beautiful part of the country!

Lavender Cottage

The dryer the soil, the better some wildflowers do. Planting them in triple mix is just too rich as I've found out. Fantastic scenery on your trip.

A Garden of Threads

Oh my, beautiful flowers for such dry conditions.


What a beautiful place to explore. The scenery and wildflowers are great.


You have done a very lovely trip ! In my head Idaho = the big potatoes we eated at the campside just out of the fire ... So good memories !


Beautiful landscapes Sallie. Bountiful wildflowers.


Love seeing all that color.

NatureFootstep Photo

so strange to see photos like this because it is both strange and similar to "my" world. :)


The alpine flowers are tough but beautiful an delicate looking. nice scenery too.


Beautiful photos Sallie! The harshness of the growing conditions make the wildflowers all the more beautiful.


I can almost imagine living in one of those cabins way up in these magnificent "hills".


These photos remind me so much of the area in Colorado where out daughter lives. When we are there we often take an old unpaved road off into the country where we see lots of wildlife, beautiful flowers, old cabins and mining camps, cattle ranches, etc.

There's just something about the mountains!


Beautiful scenery, Sallie! And the wildflowers are beautiful. Lovely photos and mosaic!


Now that is what I call getting off the beaten path Sallie- but the scenery is beautiful and well worth it.


I traveled through Idaho when I was 2 1/2 years old. I haven't been back since, but these photos help memories to resurface. Lovely!

Karen, Pixel Posts

Lovely scenery! Does someone live in that old shack?


I could live in that old house!


Rainfield (雨田 Malaysia)

6200 feet never deters the beauty.


i'd like to visit idaho, i think!

Red Nomad OZ

Wow! So high! So scenic!! SO GREEN!!! SO different to most parts of OZ! I can almost feel a song coming on ...

that's the way the cornbread crumbles

I lived in Washington for a few years when I was younger and one of my favorite things to do was drive up into the mountains. it's just so pretty there.

Stewart M

What a great place to explore - I'm sure there would be some good car parks there!

Like the Moon shots on the post before - there is a big Moon sitting at the top of my new post over on my other blog.


Stewart M - Melbourne.


The mosaics are delightful, with so many flowers-and the views are spectacular!

Gemma Wiseman

Such magic scenery! Those wildflowers are so pretty together. Love all the greens in the first photo and the winding road passes an enchanting old building.


6000 ft - that is very high indeed.

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