July 11, 2013



You really are my window on this great big country. I doubt I'll ever get to many of these places, so it is great fun to visit and see them through your eyes (and lens). Thank you!!

orchid miyako

Dearest Sallie,
Breathtakingly Beautiful scene and blue sky♡♡♡ Yes, I DO agree with you and hope "it will look like this from now on". Oh I wonder if I could have a chance to see someday p;)

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


I always like your photos and they are very good. However, the last photo in this post is AMAZING! Seriously!


With such magnificent views it must be hard to keep your eyes on the road.

Thanks for sharing your fantastic shots Sallie.


Beautiful skys! What an amazing and beautiful scenery!


They're just so beautiful, no wonder you always look forward to it. Glad to be back on here Sallie. Sorry for not being a good blog follower. :(


Beautiful skies


Hard to beat such views! I'll be posting a few Colorado photos on L & L Photography. Your pictures make me want to hop in the car and head west to our daughter's place!


Very beautiful landscape !!


Such contrasting views Sallie, the first and the last picture. I wish it becomes like the last one too. I would love to walk by the pond, looks so inviting. :-)


I like a lot the beautiful pond, so peaceful ! I hope too, you 'll never see again smoke in the Colorado sky. Fire is so a terrible thing !


Beautiful scenery!


Amazing skies and the mountains are beautiful.

Karen, Pixel Posts

Great first shot, with the "illusion" of mountains. Beautiful little pond and reflections. And the last shot, wow,perfect mountain peaks!


How beautiful...


These are fabulous. The first one is an illustration of the power of fire, for sure. What a beautiful world.


I like that clear sky, too, Sallie - we hope to keep it that way! It looks so inviting by that pond.

Emille (Jesh StG)

Oh Colorado - so beautiful and spacious! Wish it was a little closer - I would visit it more. Have a great time with your "kids":)


Very beautiful photos. We were far too close to that terrible fire this year!


If you hadn't mentioned the smoke I would have just thought it was foggy. All the shots are beautiful but I'm sorry about the terrible fires CO has had to deal with.

NatureFootstep Photo

smoke in the air isn´t good. But nothing to do about it. You do live in a very beautiful country. :)


What a breathtaking view of the mountains in the last photo, so beautiful!! I love montain scenery.
The Golden Pond looks wonderful too.


Sallie, your Colorado skies look beautiful. I love the view of the mountains. And the lake is a pretty scene, lovely spot for a walk. Happy Skywatching!


gosh! love the clear skies and clear reflections, too. the last shot would qualify for friday's fences, too. :)

Luna Miranda

i love the shadows of the mountain range in the first photo. gorgeous wispy clouds.

Photo Cache

the last image is the way i imagine the colorado sky too.


Ah, they are SO beautiful and your captures are marvelous as always!! I do hope there are no more fires!! Enjoy your weekend!!

Pat, CA, USA

You have stunning views of the mountains' grandeur, and your photos have captured those views beautifully. Golden Pond looks like a lovely little lake to hike around.

Hootin' Anni

As you may know, my husband was born in Colorado Springs, many many many moons ago, and there is always a special place in our hearts for this area. I grew up just north of Denver.

GREAT down home images you've shared for me.


Fantastic photos for SWF!Great views!


A lovely set of contrasting views!

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