July 23, 2013



Water really is a big issue. Good posting.


Great shots! What a beautiful place!


The photographs are all very beautiful. Water is such a difficult issue and hard to know how to manage it for the best.


Wonderful photos, wonderful views:) Greetings

Rambling woods

It is hard to predict the whims of mother nature..... Lovely wetlands... Michelle


Great photos, Sallie :) It looks like a beautiful place, and it was interesting hearing about it!

I stora drag

Hi Sallie!
Water is so important! Nice to see your photos from your side of the world. In the south of Sweden, where I live, is it now very dry - and hot! (+30 C in the shade!) It's been some time since we got any rain at all.

Oh, I must try to explain a bit of my illnes! I had no surgery this time. I got pulmonary embolism and it will go away with medicine. I was only staying in hospital for three days and nights.
Thanks for your sweet comments!
Hugs Pia

Karen, Pixel Posts

I am always in awe of those irrigation "arms" out in the fields too. I could spend my summer there, it's lovely


Same problem here but with too much water. The lake is full and the engineers are looking at the sky anxiously. The lake had to be high in summer because its first purposes are tourism (boating, swimming ans so on) and electricity,but not too full...


An ideal spot!

Rainfield (雨田 Malaysia)

Water is a must to us.

One of its usage is to produce a beautiful waterscape.

Reader Wil

The lake is certainly a very attractive place to visit. Thank you for showing us around and for the extra information.
Thanks for all your comments. I agree with you that the bike has changed the world. When I was a student I either hitch hiked or cycled. I had no money to travel by train always. We did a bit by train, but we were very carefully with the little money we had.
Have a great week.
Wil, ABCW Team.

shooting star

i ned to visit such beautiful places in US of A :)



Guess even the Corps can't guess the weather yet it looks like a great wetland.


I think Idaho is one of my favorite states...I love everything about it...esp. the history!



Welcome back to blogland! I'm paranoid about losing photos or music, so I back everything up multiple times and keep a copy at the office! Lovely photos, and I hope there's some rain soon - it's been a dry summer here too.


weather can certainly be unpredictable. i hope there is enough water for irrigation and water supply, if not for recreation.

Clair Z.

What a beautiful place, and lucky you to be able to spend time there! I have never been so aware of water issues as I am now, living in the desert, in an irrigated valley. Lots of politics and environmental issues, as you say. Right now we are having a rare drenching rain. Time to watch for flash floods. Always too little, and rarely a bit too much!


Idaho is a lovely state. I remember driving thru on our way to the Tetons and Yellowstone. I guess rain is needed sometimes. Have a great week ahead!


It's been years since I've been to Idaho. Or Utah. Or Wyoming. Or Washington. And I've never been to Oregon. I don't think.

This does look like a nice place to spend the summer. If you want more rain, though, you could have stayed in Florida. Sheesh! We are waterlogged. I wouldn't mind so much but it disrupts my golf game and my golf game is bad enough as it is!

I've often thought that if Florida didn't get all the rain it does it would look like Arizona in the summertime.

Hope you're having fun. Don't go floating down the river in your RV. Take a canoe.

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