August 03, 2013



I never saw such a beautiful flower n a tree ! What a wonder !


So darn pretty! Nice photos also Sallie!


Breathtaking. I wonder if it is a hybridized catalpa.


Dearest Sallie,
When I first glanced the first flower, I thought it may be cattleya, haha (one of the orchid) Very beautiful light purple color♡♡♡ Catalpa tree look SO gorgeous; I checked with PC picture page and found similar beautiful tree with flowers.
Thanks to you, I could link to 'todays flower' as well. I trully appreciated about the site, my friend. I feel so bad that I got really busy that I wasn't able to visit the friends who comented me yet. I'll do right after I find time!
Thank you SO much for your sweet comment. I am not a sports type person (actually very tiny woman,haha) I wonder if the children can enjoy the beach much with really high temperature now...

I DO hope your new week is the wonderful one.
Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan to my dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

Daniela Augustka

Very nice flowers of catalpa. I know only with white flowers. Some time ago I also wrote on my old blog about this tree:
Greetings from Bratislava!


What a beautiful sight that must have been!


Fluffy pink clouds cuddling a tree, like little puffs of candy floss...sweet!! Gorgeous photos of a beautiful flower!



lovely photos! very beautiful blossoms!


The flowers are gorgeous.


Very beautiful!


I'll agree with ya
And call it catalpa
I think we've got some
Right here in Florida!


You are right, that is an impressive tree. It reminds me of one in our backyard in Holland when I was growing up.

Clair Z.

This is a beautiful tree. You might have solved a mystery for me, Sallie. There was a lovely flowering tree on the little patio outside our hotel room in Richland, WA and I couldn't think of the name of it. I took some photos to help me remember what it looked like. Thanks to your post, I believe that it was a type of catalpa. You just never know the effects your blog will have!


So wonderful blossoms! Gorgeous!!!


Beautiful flowers and the tree is gorgeous! Lovely images, Sallie! Have a happy Sunday!


Lovely photos of the pretty flowers

NatureFootstep Photo

a magical tree! You are right. Keeps getting better the closer you get. :)


Wow, that's really beautiful !

Rainfield (雨田 Malaysia)

Such a beautiful vast sky.

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio

I think it is in the desert willow group-we have them here too. I love them! Nice shots!


Oh how very pretty


Oh wow, absolutely divine! Thanks for sharing Sallie. Happy Sunday :)


These are gorgeous flowers!


What a lovely tree to have in one's yard!


what a beautiful bloomer!


Such a gorgeous tree and color and what superb captures for the day!! Magical shading indeed!! Thanks for sharing the beauty!!

Jeannie Marie

The middle photo is like a painting. Lovely!

Karen, Pixel Posts

I have never seen a tree with such beautiful blossoms before. They are gorgeous, a cross between a lily and an iris. That first shot is stunning!

Gemma Wiseman

Magical shading on the petals. A very beautiful tree.

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