August 10, 2013



A beautiful buffet!

Lavender Cottage

I feel sorry for you gals that have deer problems, cute but naughty. I'm always photographing someone else's flowers too, I'm sure they'd be happy we flaunt them.

Lady Fi

Wonderful deer shot!


Oh, look at him. That rack will soon be quite impressive.
Deer, as you know, are a problem for us. We have a love/hate relationship, Sallie. I've been prancing about, watching the three sets of fawn (yes, three) and then stomping my foot like a mad woman, yelling "get out of my garden". They have taken out a big chunk of my oak leaf hydrangea, which means few blooms this fall - again. They had sedum for an appetizer. Sigh.


Dearest Sallie,
Oh My!!! So sorry that I missed many of your wonderful posts, my dear friend. I'll visit there when I find time as I find many great view in your photos♡♡♡
In Japan, increased number of deer is one of the problems. Maybe so many reasons like 'prolificity, decreased wolf, warmer climate' etc. Reminded me of the importance of the balance of the environment.
Rose looked a bit sad for me; the picture of the sweet looking deer symbolize what you said here.

PS> Thank you SO much for your sweet, thoughtful comment. I really feel appreciate it. Doing my best having guests for obon p;)
I hope you started off a wonderful new week. Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan to my dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

Mama Zen

I love the little perennials!


That's just how I feel - so we've fenced up here!

Laura Hegfield

they are beautiful to watch... who can blame them for appreciating your lovely roses? thanks for your kind comments:-)


beautiful photos! lovely shot of the deer! so sad they eat roses!


So happy to be back here catching up. I agree with you about the roses, better not to grow them if the deer are going to be visiting! Thanks for all your continuing support during what has been a difficult year for me.


Hi Sallie, My delphiniums are going to bloom any day now - I'm hoping the deer don't come for a late-night snack! I like your succulent photos - I've planted a lot of them here, too.


What pretty flowers. I just admire other peoples' flowers, as I don't have a green thumb.

Rainfield (雨田 Malaysia)

Oh my "deer", you like roses too.


The flowers are beautiful. Pity about the roses though, the net takes away some of the beauty. Nice capture of the deer.

Jorunn Norge

Everything about your post and your full-time life, make me feel good. Your photos are gorgeous.
Such a pretty deer.
Thanks so much for taking time to visit and comment on my site - I really appreciate it.


Being I have black thumbs, I just watch the deer do what they do naturally.


He is soo cute ...surely he is worth a fee flowers:)))


The deer do have their favorites

Stewart M

We dont have deer - but the possums make up for it! Last year they would not leave the parsley to grow!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

NatureFootstep Photo

we have that deer problems too in some areas. Lovely creatures but not in gardens.


Fantastic photos Sallie and your deer photo is adorable!


Lovely shots of the flowers and I also love the one of the beautiful deer.

Name katerchen

das Problem habe/hatte ich hier auch Sallie
Sprühe Buttermilch auf die Pflanzen..der Schutz hält ca. 3 Wochen..und die Rehe gehen NICHT an die Blumen oder das Gemüse.
mit einem LG vom katerchen


The deer is so cute, a shame your neighbors are having their flowers eaten. The roses would be lovely without the netting. Lovely shots, Sallie!


I know places in Minnesota where deer have become a very large nuisance. But I love to look at them. I think there's no law against "stealing" flowers long enough to take a picture of them! Of course, these days, one never knows what kind of a law our idiot lawmakers will make!

Karen, Pixel Posts

I am not much of flower gardener so I am often found in my neighbour's yard snapping pics! Lovely mosaic and that deer is a beauty!

Phil (@anotherbirdblog)

I think there's room for both deer and roses and what's a few flowers between friends?


It also gets kind of expensive to feed them flowers, but they are beautiful animals.


I agree - the rose with netting is so sad!!! On the other hand, we can see it...


sneaky little buck! so cute! and your method of 'stealing' flowers is just fine by me!


Beautiful flowers in the garden.

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